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Hair November 13, 2015

Hair Styles Trending Now

If it’s short and showing off many radically differing levels, particularly shorter in the back–or if it’s long, with endless and kind of carelessly flowing beachy waves, if it’s got bangs, or without bangs, as a long, shoulder length bob that descends lower in the front and shorter in the back–if it shows off some mad skills braiding and twisting in purposeful placement or at seemingly random places–it’s sure to be one of a delightful host of impressive and currently…

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Hair Skin Care November 11, 2015

Could Your Skin Care be Messing with Your Hair?

You may already know that what you put on your hair can affect the health of your skin. Harsh chemicals in hair spray or styling gels can dry out the skin, and oil products like deep conditioners can cause the skin to be too greasy and become clogged. Both problems can cause breakouts and other problems with the skin. But did you know that what you put on your face may actually be affecting your hair also? From moisturizing creams…

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Hair November 9, 2015

Common Hair Problems Solved

Why is it that the more hair we have, the more problems we have with it? While not many people wish to lose their hair, being bald sure is a lot easier than dealing with the many issues of having a full head of hair. From tangles and knots, to split ends and dry damaged hair, we’ve seen it all. The good news is that most of the common issues and problems with hair can be solved with just a…

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Hair July 25, 2015

Bombshell Beach Hair

Loose waves are a summer hairstyle that is always on trend, no matter the year. Effortless and pretty, they are a fun way to enhance the natural texture of your hair, whether or not you are curly, wavy, or straight. Waves can be done as part of an up-do, dressed up with a twist or a braid, or simply worn on their own. If we are going to spend time on our hair, however, we want it to last through…

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Hair June 8, 2015

Summer Styling Tips

Summertime is a time for change, and revamping your hair style. There are many different things you can do to change up your look and give yourself that perfect summer style. Perhaps you’re used to always flat ironing your hair, which may work well during the cooler, less humid months – but now, with high humidity levels, many of us don’t want to risk spending the time taking on a flat ironing session only to have frizz come knocking to…

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Hair March 4, 2015

The Afro: 60’s Statement

Back in the decade of the 1960’s, the afro became a signature hairstyle, particularly among many African-Americans. Both males and females of the African-American descent became acid fans and wearers of this highly popular hairstyle trend. Lionesse Beauty Bar examines this popular trend here. Historical/Political Impact of the 60’s Afro Hairstyle The Afro hairstyle was influenced by the American Civil Rights movement. Popular African American jazz musicians and students began wearing their hair naturally kinky and unstraightened and untreated (not…

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Hair November 19, 2014

A Lionesse Updo for Thanksgiving Dinner

Choosing the type of hairstyle you want to wear for Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, less is more. If you do, however, want to go over the top and do it up dressy style, opting for a pretty updo can solve all of your hair dilemmas. If you’re having a bad hair day, a simple updo style with some bobby pins and hairspray can really mask all of the imperfections and give you a fantastic look –…

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Hair November 15, 2014

5 Updos You Can’t Live Without

Hair styles are a fun part of individuality. We all have different tastes, styles, and personalities. Finding a style that you really love and giving it a try is one of the best ways to find out which hairstyles work for you, and which don’t. Just because you love the way a hairstyle looks, doesn’t mean it is going to compliment your features. Be mindful of face shape and features before attempting any style, and you will surely save yourself…

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