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Beauty January 31, 2017

Five Ways To Nourish Your Skin

woman drinking water

Our skin needs constant care, and it has a lot of its own needs.  Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, we need to be sure we’re keeping up with keeping it as nourished as possible.  If we’re really honest, very few of us are really happy with the way our skin looks and feels.  You may be feeling frustrated and feeling as though you can’t get your skin as nourished as it needs to be.  You…

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Beauty January 17, 2017

Realistic Beauty Goals for 2017

makeup bag contents

We’re almost a month into 2017, and so many of us have started to set goals for ourselves for the new year.  Whether you’re about resolutions/goals or not, there’s something about the start of a new year that has so many of us reevaluating certain areas of our lives that we would like to improve and take steps to actually improving them.  So often we can get caught up in goals that aren’t quite realistic, especially in the beauty department. …

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Beauty January 10, 2017

Polynesian Inspired Beauty Tips

aloe vera

Anytime you hear about anything Polynesian inspired, it sounds pretty beautiful – doesn’t it?  We thought so, too.  It got us thinking about Polynesian women and it’s always interesting…fascinating really to look at the beauty tips that women of other countries and areas really live by.  We thought it would be fun to look into some of the Polynesian inspired beauty tips – because it’s always fun to discover what’s popular in other areas to see what might work for…

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Beauty December 28, 2016

What We Learned About Beauty In 2016

2016 is officially coming to a close, and while some would argue that this year was a bit of a rollercoaster due to a number of factors…it was also filled with lots, and lots of beauty.  As we get ready to ring in a brand new year, and welcome 2017, we’re all about celebrating the beauty that we experienced this past year.  There’s something about looking back before we start fresh that’s enjoyable, and pretty crazy to see all that…

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Beauty Skin Care December 16, 2016

Venom for Your Skin?

In the skin care world, things are constantly changing.  It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new it product or ingredient that’s being used in skin care like never before.  You know here at Lionesse since we’re all about skin care and keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest, we love sharing all our findings with you.  So recently, when we found out one of the latest it skin care ingredients is venom…we had…

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Beauty December 14, 2016

Why The Angels Love Their Gold

The Victoria’s Secret Angels have always been known as some of the most beautiful women in the world.  Since the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was recently, there’s a lot of focus around the Angels right now and…let’s face it, how they’re able to maintain their beauty in such a phenomenal way.  It seems like they just don’t age and constantly have  the most perfect skin you’ve ever seen.  We recently came across a beauty trick that we’ve discovered some of…

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Beauty Skin Care December 8, 2016

Silky, Smooth Firm Skin

When it comes to our skin, it’s a pretty safe assumption that we all aspire to have silky, smooth firm skin.  While so many of us aspire to have this type of flawless skin, it’s not always the easiest thing to achieve.  If you’ve been using different skin care products, and feeling as though you’re taking care of your skin it could be a matter of missing a few crucial tips to get you to the results you’re looking for. …

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Beauty Fashion December 3, 2016

Winter Accessories To Warm Up Your Wardrobe

We hate to be the barrier of bad news, but winter is creeping up on us…a lot quicker than we really want to realize.  Of course, when the winter comes, it leaves us feeling a little bit stuck or stagnant when it comes to what we’re wearing.  Fortunately, there are some great winter accessories to warm up your wardrobe this season.  Not sure what they are or where to even start?  We’re giving you some ideas to really get some…

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Beauty Skin Care November 29, 2016

Basic Skincare Tips For The Everyday Man

We realized recently that we spend a lot of time talking to ladies about skin care and beauty tips, but we haven’t forgotten about the guys!  Men need to take care of their skin just like women do, and unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of talk around the men’s world about skin care.  So you know us, we decided to chat about it ourselves.  We’re sharing the basic skincare tips for the everyday man, because skin care doesn’t have…

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Beauty Lifestyle Skin Care November 26, 2016

Side Effects of Topical Steroids

Topical steroids have definitely become a more commonly used skin care form by doctors for many different skin care concerns.  If you’ve gone to a doctor and/or dermatologist for a skin care, concern you’ve likely been given a topical steroid to help alleviate the concern.  However, there can be some side effects of topical steroids and the use of them that you’re not aware of.  Because they’re used so frequently in today’s world, many people don’t really think of the…

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