Skin Care June 15, 2017

Caring For Your Skin In Different Climates

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Traveling is one of the most incredible aspects of the world we live in. With so many places to visit, offering so many different experiences and climate shifts there’s definitely no lack of options. The summer time tends to be one of the preferred times of year to travel and experience a lot of these places our world has to offer. While traveling itself is incredibly exciting, it can put a lot of stress on our skin-especially when traveling to different climates. Caring for your skin in different climates means taking a little extra thought in your skin care routine, we’re sharing a few things you’ll want to consider if you have travel plans this season.

Traveling to a Dry Climate
Dry climate locations are great because of the lack of humidity, but if you don’t live in a dry climate it can mean a lot of changes for your skin. To be sure that your skin doesn’t have a freak out when it’s exposed to a lot of dryness in the climate during your travels, there are a few adjustments you’ll want to make in your routine. Using a serum that’s infused with powerful antioxidants is the first product you’re going to want to be sure that you have on hand when in a dry climate. The antioxidants are great for adding necessary nutrients, soothing and moisture into the skin. In addition, you’ll want a lightweight moisturizer that focuses on hydration. Since dry climates tend to dehydrate the skin, hydration in a moisturizer is essential. Opting for a lightweight formula will be sure your skin doesn’t feel heavy.

Traveling to a Humid Climate
Flipping things a bit, if you live in a dry climate and you’re traveling somewhere that has a lot of humidity your skin is going to have some different needs. It’s no secret that many of us experience a lot of oil production in humid weather, with our skin looking pretty shiny. Experts suggest using a detoxifying mask during your travels can help remove any impurities and excess oil that’s produced when you’re in that humidity. It helps to keep your skin much more balanced. In addition, using gentle cleansing products that are oil free formulas will help to keep the skin’s surfaced balanced and free of further oil production. Don’t forget to be extremely thorough when cleansing your skin and removing your makeup at night!

Traveling to a Mild Climate
This one may not seem as drastic but if you live in a place that’s quite humid and travel somewhere that has a rather mild climate, the change in climate will still need some  adjusting to your skin care routine. This climate change doesn’t require as much adjustment, though. Experts suggest one of the main things to focus on for this climate adjustment is using a serum that has antioxidants in it. Since mild climates tend to be areas that have pollutants floating around in the air, antioxidant infused serums are great for adding protection and balance to the skin.

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