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Caring for Summer Feet

During the summer months, we find ourselves choosing shoe types that we love and adore that provide comfort and ease of use – such as flip flops, sandals, and flats. We may even opt for those sexy heels that we haven’t made much use of. However; one of those choices is a very bad idea, according to podiatrists – which are foot doctors, if you will. Today, Lionesse would like to explore some of the best – and worst – options when it comes to choosing your shoes for the summer months, and also fill you in on how you can take proper care of your feet during these months.

Woman wearing flip flops in a car

The Wrong Shoes
Choosing flip flops is a big no- no, according to leading podiatrists. They provide no support to the sole of the foot, and when you walk in them, they are generally causing more strain on the feet than is absolutely necessary, as when our feet move, we have to grip onto the shoes to keep them in place. Avoid flip flops and sandals without backs for this reason. It’s also a bad idea to opt for your favorite flats if you know you are going to be heading out into the sweaty weather, as well. We know, you love your flats – but wearing flats can actually cause more harm than good, believe it or not. They can cause blisters to form because during the hot, humid summer months, they can cause your feet to swell – leaving little room for your toes to fit into those comfy flats. Blisters can lead to infection, so if you are to experience one, be sure to clean it – don’t pop it – and put some bacitracin or other antibacterial cream on the blister – and cover it with a band aid.

Woman wearing a wedge sandal.

The Right Shoes
The right type of shoes to opt for during the summer months would be a sling back sandal, as they provide support. Another great option is to wear during the summer is a sandal with some sort of a wedge for support. Materials which you should opt for include real leather, and canvas – they allow the skin to breathe better than any synthetic type of material would. It’s worth spending more on a good quality pair of shoes, than to buy a cute pair of shoes that will only do you harm in the long run.

Woman getting a pedicure.

How to Care for Feet in the Summer
As with any season, wearing shoes which will expose your toes calls for taking proper care of your feet in the way of getting (or giving yourself) regular pedicures. You should opt for one every week, or every two weeks at most – and keep your feet smooth by applying a good hydrating lotion during the day, and a foot salve at night. When walking around your house, wear socks to avoid dry, cracked feet.

Be sure to keep your toenails clipped as well – there’s nothing more unattractive than long, unkempt toenails. If you break a toenail by stubbing your toe into something, be sure to get right on that with a nail file or clippers, if necessary, to avoid cutting your skin or snagging your toenail on something else, which can cause bigger problems when the nail tears away from the skin.

Keep your polish in check as well, ladies. If you chip your polish, touch it up, or opt for removing it completely and re-paint your toes as needed.

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