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Cancer Zodiac

Cancer Infographic from Lionesse

The first water sign of the zodiac, and the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer is ruled by the moon and is known for their loving, caring, nurturing personality. Ambitious yet reserved, the Cancer female can be a bit tricky to point out of a crowd, because their personality can change every hour.

Cancers are known to be extremely loyal to their love interest or partner. They are always there for others due to their responsive nature. If someone is upset or sad, they love to be the shoulder that is cried on. They’ll do anything in their power to make sure someone they love feels better. Cancer women tend to be great mothers, as they base their lives around their children.

On the negative side of the spectrum, Cancer women have a tendency to be quite self-absorbed, thinking of themselves more often than not. They can also be quite moody at times, and oversensitive to harsh words that have been spoken. They don’t easily forget when someone has wronged them, which can make it very difficult for them to forgive others. If you’ve wronged a Cancer, you will certainly know about it as when they get upset, there is no filter.

One of the best hairstyles a Cancer woman can wear is one full of soft, gentle curls or waves. This plays up their gentle, sweet personality (for the most part), and fits their face structure well. Cancer women tend to have high, prominent cheekbones and small noses. They also tend to have small faces in general, and beautiful, soft eyes.

When it comes to fashion, Cancers are typically the ones to opt for soft, feminine looks without compromising comfortability or quality. They will spend a lot on something they like once in a blue moon, but they are typically frugal for the most part. Vintage clothes or vintage inspired clothes are a great look for the Cancer female, as are t-shirts, jeans, dresses with floral prints in pastel colors, and rompers. They also look stunning in silver jewelry – or anything silver, for that matter. Silver is their power color and correlates with the moon, which rules over this sign.

When it comes to choosing a career, a Cancer is best when working as a pediatrician, a manager of any type of business, or even a stock broker. They take their work seriously, and love being themselves in any work situation. They also love to work through problems which may arise, and enjoy a challenge.

The Cancer love life can be a bit tricky, because while they love to love and love to be loved, they may occasionally have a hard time compromising and living for someone else rather than themselves. The best matches in the zodiac when it comes to love compatibility are Scorpios and Pisces. They like to get into long term relationships, and once there, will be happy and content with sticking with one partner. They don’t like bouncing around and dating, or the idea of dating different guys at once.

It may take a little while to get a Cancer to come out of their shell, but once they do, and once they trust you, there will be a bond formed that cannot be broken.

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