Skin Care September 7, 2017

Brightening Dull Or Dehydrated Skin

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Right about now you’re probably starting to notice the toll the summer season may have taken on your skin. You may notice your skin is appearing little dull or dehydrated and let’s face it-we want GLOWING skin. No need to get frustrated though, there are some ways you can start brightening dull or dehydrated skin so you can start the fall season with glowing skin. We’re not holding these tips all to ourselves though, we’re giving you all our favorite secrets. Happy brightening!

You Need to Exfoliate
We talk about exfoliating all the time around here but it’s because it’s really THAT important to our skin care. When you begin to notice that your skin is dull or dehydrated exfoliating helps to remove any of the ‘junk’ from the surface of our skin that needs to be removed. Often times the dullness comes from dryness and buildup on the surface of our skin. Exfoliating works to remove all of those elements from the surface of our skin but you need to be consistent with it, 1-2 times a week every week to keep up the appearance and health of your skin. We promise, it will make a big difference!

Obviously when your skin is dull and dehydrated it’s because it doesn’t have enough hydration! Moisturizing our skin plays a big part in maintaining hydrated, bright skin. Even if you’re currently moisturizing your skin, if you’re experiencing skin that’s dull or dehydrated you need to reevaluate the products you’re using and how often you’re using them. If your skin is really dull or dehydrated we suggest swapping out your moisturizer for something that’s a heavier duty formula to really get your hydration back on track. If you don’t notice excessive dullness/dehydration than you may want to first consider applying your moisturizer to your skin more often. Every morning and evening is ideal, but some people need moisturizer applied more often than that. Adjust according to the results or lack of that you notice until you find the happy place with your moisturizer.

Clean Up Your Lifestyle
Sleep and drinking water are preached often but they tend to be pushed to the side, still! Now that you’re noticing dull or dehydrated skin and want a brighter appearance it’s time to get serious about adjusting some of your lifestyle habits. Take a serious look at how much water you’re drinking on a daily basis. Even if you think you’re drinking enough, most experts say you’re probably not. Get into the habit of drinking a LOT of water throughout the day to give your skin the hydration it needs from the inside out. Now let’s talk about sleep for a second. Are you getting enough of it? Most of us aren’t because of stress, life, etc. The problem is when we don’t get enough sleep our skin doesn’t have the opportunity to repair and nourish itself. Try to get yourself into a better sleep routine and stick with it.

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