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Bella Thorne’s Newest Look

Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne is best known for her role in the TV series ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ and the Disney series ‘Shake it Up.’  Aside from her work professionally, Bella is known for her strawberry blonde hair color.  So many have seen her grow up before their very eyes, and she made a drastic change recently that reminded us all even Disney stars grow up.  Recently, Bella made a hair switch.  While she’s been known since she stepped onto the Hollywood scene with her strawberry blonde, she made the drastic change to brown hair!

Sure someone changing their hair color may not seem like that big of a deal but since Bella has ONLY been wearing the strawberry blonde hair she became known for the change is quite drastic.  And of course in true Hollywood fashion, she documented the process on social media by posting updates of her hair change.  Bella has become known for sharing and documenting her health and beauty evolutions via social media, so it’s not too much of a surprise that she would share her hair change using her go-to source (social media).

Bella has stated in multiple interviews that her hair has been a topic of conversation in many ways for her.  While many don’t know she’s actually a natural blonde, when Disney wanted her to go back to blonde after being a redhead for a role she broke down into tears at the thought of it.  She’s also shared that she’s been labeled as not being “Latin enough” due to her lighter hue hair.  It’s safe to say that Bella has experienced some emotional moments surrounding her hair, especially for someone who’s just 18 years old!  But she holds true to whom she is and hasn’t changed her hair color unless she was comfortable or ready for it.  It seems like Bella must have been ready for a change this time around!

If you’re considering making a drastic hair color change be sure to consider a few things:

Go to a Trusted Professional
When making a drastic hair color change you want to be sure the hairstylist you see for the job is highly qualified.  Because making such a big change can be harsh on your hair, choosing an experienced stylist is key to making sure this process goes without problems.

Plan Ahead
When making a drastic hair color change you want to be sure you’ve communicated with your stylist what your goals truly are with the process.  This way the stylist can update you on any prep steps that need to be done prior to the appointment, as well as how long the process will take.  Be sure to ask your stylist what prep and/or post products she/he recommends for your hair to ensure healthy hair throughout the process.  Ask questions and clearly communicate with your stylist to make sure you’re both on the same page and understand the desired outcome.

What do you think of Bella Thorne’s drastic hair change?  Would you, or have you, made a drastic hair change like this?

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