Skin Care June 6, 2015

Beauty Treatments that Work While you Sleep

We all have beauty treatments and products that we apply to our faces on a daily basis. Many of them are for anti-aging purposes, others are to moisturize the skin, while others are simply based on exfoliation of the skin. There are many beauty treatments we can also use at night time to work while we sleep. Lionesse has the rundown on some of those products, and we are bringing you that information below to fill you in on some of the other things you could be doing for your skin.

Woman applying a moisturizer on her cheeks.

Creams and Moisturizers
There are many creams and moisturizers meant to be applied at night time to target various areas of the face, such as the delicate eye, forehead and cheek area. Many of these formulations contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinols, such as Retinol A, which is best used and applied to the skin at night. These creams and moisturizers are fantastic for those who suffer from dry skin and other skin maladies.

Woman sleeping on a pillow.

Pillows for Wrinkles
Got wrinkles? Unbelievably, there is now a pillow for that. These pillows lay claim that they will fight wrinkles and fine lines while we sleep, and are perfect for side or back sleepers. As far as stomach sleepers are concerned, well, you may be out of luck. These pillows are supposedly guaranteed to show sincere results within 4 weeks’ time, and provide plenty of restful sleep. Try for yourself, and be your own judge!

Woman wearing a sleeping mask.

Facial Sleeping Masks
Facial sleeping masks are normally formulated to be applied to the skin at night, absorbed much like a cream, and go to work hydrating the skin overnight so you can awake in the morning with gorgeous, hydrated and glowing skin. The product is then removed via your morning cleanse.

Woman applying a foot cream.

Feet Creams and Treatments
There are many foot creams and feet cuticle treatments which are formulated to be applied before bed, covered with socks, and then slept on – literally. Once you wake in the morning, your feet will have transformed into soft, beautiful, pink heels and toes, free from the dead, dull, dry and callused skin many of us are used to waking up with.

Woman applying an eye cream for her wrinkles.

Retinol for Wrinkles
This treatment usually comes in capsule form, which you would break open and apply to the skin, or in a cream or gel form. Retinols go to work fighting wrinkles and fine lines while we sleep, and work best while we sleep, to target new skin cells and stimulate regeneration and healing.

Woman with beautifully tanned skin.

Tanning Products
Believe it or not, there are some self-tanners that work overnight – and this one, the James Reed ‘Sleep Mask Tan’ body, is considered to be one of the best. Go to sleep pale and pasty, and awake to the most fabulous sun kissed tan ever? Yes, please. This product should be applied after exfoliating the skin for a flawless glow – and no one will be the wiser that you didn’t go tanning or head out to the beach for a day. Pricey? A little. Worth it? You bet.

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