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Beauty Tips for Pisces Girls

Pisces GirlAre you a female who was born between February 19th and March 20th? If so, you’re a Pisces girl, and according to astrology, you are ruled by the planet of Neptune. Pisces girls are known to be artistic, compassionate and easygoing, and if you happen to be one of the many women who are very much into skin care and beauty products, your overall style should coincide with your personality traits.

As a Pisces girl, you exude an unearthly beauty that is all your own. You also ooze superb artistic qualities. You are capable of impressing others and making waves just by being your naturally elegant self.

Make-up Tips That Work Well For Pisces Girls
Part of what it means to be a Pisces is centered on fantasy and dreaminess. When it comes to make-up, ethereal looks tend to work well for Pisces women. You want to look for eye shadows that have shimmer to them, and also, highlighters for your face. During seasons where the weather is warmer, you can try dusting a tad bit of a powder with a sparkly element to it on your body.

The Pisces sign is considered to be a “water” sign; therefore, as a Pisces girl, you will look amazing in make-up shades of violet colors, sea greens and mauves. Your eyes are one of your most tantalizing features and using these tints will make them stand out and augment their natural allure. Experimenting with deeper tones of green and/or blue can add more appeal to your overall look for a night out on the town. On your lips, a radiant and glossy shine of soft corals, peaches or pinks are the best colors for a Pisces girl.

As a Pisces woman, make-up colors that don’t tend to mesh well with your personality traits and spiritual energy are bright oranges and vivid reds. Also, you are more likely to become bored with neutrals, nudes and simple, naked hues.

Facial Skin Care for Pisces Girls
Regardless of what astrological sign you may represent, as a woman in general, you want to take pride in caring for your skin, especially the skin on your face. For a surefire way to help enhance and maintain the glow of a Pisces woman’s skin, galvanic facials are an excellent option. Galvanic devices direct an electrical current onto the surface of your skin which not only smoothes and softens the skin of your face, it also eases facial dehydration.

The Best Jewelry Options for Pisces Girls
Jewelry pieces that glisten and glimmer are ideal options for Pisces girls, as they help to channel the inner water spirit that is said to be associated with the Pisces astrological sign. Pearls, of course, are a popular jewel when it comes to Piscean gems; however, more exotic options for a Pisces girl include moonstones, anklets, toe rings and belly rings. For added shimmer to complement your glimmer, moonstones are a fashionable gemstone to accentuate and enhance any outfit.

Dressing Up: For Pisces Girls
As a Pisces, your moods often fuel your inspiration, and as a woman who is also a Pisces, your moods can be as vast and ever-changing as the ocean. Highly dramatic looks based on, say, a pearl-draped mermaid, a coolly exotic snow queen, or even a fulsome gothic lady, are looks that tend to correspond with the traits and energy of a Pisces girl.

Elegant wear made of soft, diaphanous fabrics that flow or drape oh-so-casually over your figure make a very chic and fashionable statement when worn by a Pisces girl. Other fabrics that accent the elements of a Piscean woman include: chiffon, silk and voile, which, when layered, add an even more lush and luxurious look.

Ideal Fragrance Choices for Pisces Girls
As a Pisces woman, the elements to look for when it comes to the ideal fragrance for your zodiac sign are soft, dreamy, lyrical and unusual. The most frequently associated notes include:

  • Amber,
  • Bergamot
  • Rose
  • Vanilla
  • Violet musk
  • White Florals
  • Ylang Ylang

As a Pisces girl, you can take note of these skin care, style and beauty tips in order to bring out the best features of your inner beauty and enhance and accentuate each element of your outer beauty.

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