Beauty March 9, 2017

Beauty Lessons from the Red Carpet

Red carpet

Doesn’t it seem like celebs walking down the red carpet look flawless?  Of course they do have a team of professionals to help them get ready for their big events, with award season just passing by we couldn’t help but wonder what beauty secrets celebs utilize to get ready for the red carpet.  After all, wouldn’t we all like to look and feel like we’re ready for a red carpet?  Sure!  We did a bit of searching and we found some pretty great beauty lessons from the red carpet that we were excited to share with you.  Who says the celebs get to embrace all the beauty secrets?

Embrace the Benefits of a Hair Mask
You know how celebs walking the red carpets seem to have gorgeous hair?  It always seems to be shiny and just perfect, right?  Well, according to quite a few celebrity hair experts, one of the best secrets and lessons we can learn from them to really having that gorgeous hair is to make use of hair masks.  Hair masks tend to be something that the average person skips for their beauty routine, but hair masks are great for keeping your hair healthy and really getting that extra shine and bounce in your hair before a big event.  When our hair is dull and flat looking, it’s often because it’s lacking moisture. Hair masks help to get a lot of moisture into your hair and really zap it in a sense with the nutrients it craves.

Woman receiving facial treatment

Get Regular Facials
So often when we want our skin to look it’s best is often when we have a breakout or feel like it’s looking dull.  One of the beauty lessons from the red carpet we discovered is that many celebs make it a routine to get facials on a pretty regular basis.  While taking care of your skin at home is important, we also need professional help with facials on a consistent basis to really keep our skin on track.  Many experts suggest that getting a facial once a month can help with this tremendously.  In addition to keeping your skin healthy and glowing, regular facials from a professional can help you to cater to any skin care concerns or issues before they get too bad.

Cut Back on Your Sugar Intake
Celebs always look great, right?  Well, their beauty lessons aren’t just about applying the best makeup and beauty products and taking care of their skin.  They also know that the way they eat can have a major impact on their skin, nails and hair to really help them look their best.  So many of us tend to consume a pretty decent amount of sugar on a daily basis.  The problem with consuming too much sugar is it can negatively impact our skin’s appearance and health, and cause a lot of inflammation in the body.  Cutting back on your sugar intake can really help your skin and other areas of your appearance to get that red carpet glow.

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