Beauty June 26, 2015

Beauty Horoscope: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are known to be unpredictable, prone to insecurity, but very loyal to their friends and family. Beauty wise that translates into some serious product loyalty. If they find something they like they will stick with it hands down for life. That hairspray they used in college is still a choice product on their vanity stand. Don’t even try to talk them out of using it. They don’t enjoy trying new trends, but rather enjoy a classic beauty palette that works for their everyday needs. So don’t you dare offer them that glittery fuchsia eye shadow to try, since they will probably recoil in terror. Neutrals are their friends, and they have never met a brown eyeliner they didn’t like. Here are some other things for a solid Cancer to try in their beauty and skin care routines.

Woman applying lip gloss

Makeup Musts for Cancer Sign
Your lucky colors are orange and white so take advantage of summer colors in the way of coral lipsticks, soft cheek colors, and peachy perfect eye shadows to set off your summer glow. If you don’t have the exact glow you want, punch it up with a powdered bronzer or liquid highlighter. A great bronzer to try would be something that looks very natural and acts as a multi-tasking serum that ensures a warm healthy glow that mimics your natural tanned look.

Woman washing her face with water.

A Crab Loves a Good Skin Care Routine
Crab is the animal symbol for Cancer, and there’s nothing crabby about great skin care. It can make you feel fresher, brighter, and more beautiful when you take good care of your skin. Getting into a routine is no problem for the dependable Cancer. A gentle daily cleanser made for your skin type, an exfoliator three times a week, and the proper moisturizer daily will give you the well-balanced skin you are looking for. Don’t forget the SPF, a Cancer girl doesn’t want to get premature wrinkles or sun spots.

Woman with a long bob hairstyle

Hair for July’s Girl, Hold the Pink Please
Not one for the pink or turquoise hair trends, you are more satisfied with your reliable colorist who gives you the perfect baby soft highlights you desire every 8-12 weeks, on schedule. You don’t fall into trendy cuts either, but you might actually be up for the “lob” which is a long bob that gently grazes your shoulders.

This is a popular cut right now, but not trendy enough to make people stare oddly in your direction. You like to treat your tresses right so make sure you invest in a hydrating mask to apply to your hair weekly to counteract all the damage you get from your styling tools, and the sun. Although luckily, you are rather fond of your floppy straw hat to shield your hair from those hot rays the sun puts off. Smart girl.

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