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Beating Itchy Summer Scalp

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It’s frustrating for anyone to have an itchy scalp, unfortunately, the summer season tends to cause itchier scalp for many.  If you’re one of those people that tend to feel like their scalp is even itchier in the summer season, we feel for you!  We’re always looking for ways to help you out, so we did a little searching to discover some of the best-known ways to beat itchy summer scalp.  Ready to say goodbye to itchy summer scalp?  We’ve got you covered … The first step to beating itchy summer scalp is determining where or why the itching is being caused.  There are multiple reasons it could be, so you first need to nail that down.

Caused by Dryness
The weather is different in the summer months, and due to environmental factors, it can cause your scalp to become really dry and then turning itchy.  You may notice some flaky patches on your scalp when it becomes really itchy.  If dryness is the cause of your itchy scalp, adding products that have major moisturizing benefits is going to be key to helping beat the itch.  Even adding in things like natural oils (coconut oil, argan oil, etc.) are easy ways to lock in AND add moisture to your hair and scalp.  When using the products for moisture make sure you’re spending extra time massaging them into your scalp to get the full benefits of the products and ingredients.

Caused by the Sun
Another weather factor, but this one’s a bit different.  Typically, you’re probably outside more often in the summer months than winter.  While it’s really fun to be outside and enjoy the warmer weather, the sun can cause your scalp to have that uncomfortable itch.  The heat and just plain sun exposure can have a major effect on your scalp.  To help alleviate and beat some of this, it’s suggested to wear hats or scarves to cover your scalp if you’re going to be outside a lot during the summer months.  In addition, aloe vera and natural oils have been found to be incredible for helping to soothe the scalp when itchy from the sun and help prevent it.

While there can be many other reasons why your scalp is itchy, these tend to be the most common when caused by or during the summer months.  Experts suggest making scalp exfoliation a part of your routine on a regular basis and using products that promote and lock in moisture on the scalp.  Doing things like this on a regular basis can help you avoid even getting an itchy scalp in the first place, or at least help so it’s not as bad!  Similar to skincare, it’s all about maintenance and keeping up with the care of your scalp.  Generally, when we think of our hair we don’t always consider our scalp as a part of our haircare routine, which can also be why we end up with itchy scalps.

Don’t forget about the care of your scalp!  What have you found eases the scalp itch in the summer?

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