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At Home Hair Removal Solutions

Dealing and fighting with hair removal is an embarrassing, tedious task that many women struggle with every couple of weeks or month. There are different areas that affect different women, but the usual areas in which they express concern are the upper lip, chin, underarms, legs, and bikini area. Some women even remove the hair from their forearms.

Lionesse understands how stressful the process can be, and not to mention how embarrassing it can also be to partake in a hair removal service at a salon. Why not complete the hair removal yourself in the comfort of your own home? Today, Lionesse has some at home hair removal solutions you can consider the next time you think you need to head in for a wax.

Woman waxing her legs.

Waxing Kit – Strips or Gel
Waxing kits are one of the most popular methods for at home hair removal. Many women enjoy how soft and smooth their skin feels after completing a waxing treatment at home. On the other hand, it can be quite painful to undergo a waxing. If you have sensitive skin, this may not be the option for you as waxing can and does irritate the skin. There are many different types of waxing kits available, though – many of them containing naturally derived ingredients, making them better for those with sensitive skin. Waxing kits generally come with the wax product, wooden popsicle like sticks or tongue depressors, and strips of cloth or paper for hair removal. You can give a waxing kit a try, or, you could opt for a sugar wax which we will talk about below.

Woman using a sugar wax

Sugar Waxing
Sugar waxing is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it has the ability to remove hair as efficiently as the more messy waxes and creams, however it is naturally derived, seems to irritate the skin less – and the sugar wax or sugar paste can be made at home from scratch using granulated sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sugar wax is usually spread on with a wooden stick in the direction the hair is growing, and then a cloth or paper is applied to the sugared hair. From there, the cloth/paper is ripped in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth, leaving behind smooth, soft skin. Waxing pulls the hair directly from the root, which gives you a much nicer feel than would shaving. The results also tend to last far longer than shaving.

Woman scrubbing off depilatory cream from her legs.

Depilatory Creams
Depilatory creams are essentially hair removal creams that are applied to the skin where hair is present, allowed to sit on the skin, and then wiped off. These creams do not hurt to use, however, they can cause a significant amount of skin irritation to those with sensitive skin. They also usually smell very strong. There are a few depilatory creams which don’t have an overpowering scent, however.

Woman tweezing her eyebrows

Tweezing the hair is a great option for those who simply want to remove a few pieces of undesired hair from the upper lip or chin area. Tweezers are also great to use on stray hairs found elsewhere on the body. It is a bit painful to tweeze for those who are less experienced in doing so. Tweezing is also a popular way to maintain stray eyebrows and keep unibrows at bay. Always be sure to sanitize your tweezers with rubbing alcohol after use to keep them clean for next time.

Woman shaving her underarms while taking a bath.

Shaving is the number one method for hair removal in the United States and throughout the world. There are many different types of razors, from single blade razors to razor blades with 5 blades. The more blades you get on your razor, the closer your shave will be and the smoother your skin will be as well. Disposable razors are generally less expensive than refillable razors, but refillable razors tend to offer a better quality experience overall. Shaving is best done with a good shaving gel, shaving cream, or shaving lotion. Razors should be thrown away after a single use or at least after every two uses to avoid nicks and cuts.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Wands
This is a more expensive option, but for those who have the money to spend and time to invest in electrolysis, there are now hair removal wands in which you can purchase from department stores such as Macy’s which provide amazing results to your skin, leaving behind destroyed hair follicles and less likelihood that the hair will grow back. If in fact the hair does return, the hair will be finer, lighter, and will grow back much more slowly.

Closeup of a laser hair removal treatment

At-Home Laser Treatments
Much like electrolysis, at home laser treatments provide a smooth finish to the skin – however, many treatments must be completed for the results to take effect. Usually with dermatology visits, there can be anywhere from 4-10 treatments required to see the desired results, which is roundabout what you will need to expose yourself to at home. The thing about laser hair removal treatments that many women aren’t aware of, is the fact that they do cause a significant amount of pain, although the results are usually permanent. If you feel you are strong enough to withstand what feels like elastics slapping your skin repeatedly, an at home laser hair removal treatment method may be just the thing you need.

With so many options in at home hair removal, there is literally something to suit every need or desire for hair removal at home. If what you’re currently doing for hair removal isn’t quite meeting your expectations or standards on at home hair removal, perhaps giving another option a chance will suit your desires far better.

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