Skin Care June 21, 2015

AHA’s – 80’s Skin Care Miracle

During the 1980’s, there was a dawning of a new age of skin care. Women weren’t too concerned with their skin care regimens as they are today, however more and more women were becoming increasingly aware that a good skin care regimen was something they needed to implement into their lives. This could be in part because technology wasn’t where it is today, and there wasn’t social media involvement to spread the benefit of using certain products in skin care. It could also be because there weren’t nearly as many products available on the market as there are today.

Today, Lionesse would like to take a little while to discuss what became known as the skin care miracle of the 80’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids, otherwise known as AHAs.

Woman enjoying a cleansing and exfoliating session in a spa.

What are AHAs?
These molecular compounds are components which are found in both various fruits and even in milk.

What are AHAs Used For?
AHAs are known as a skin exfoliator and are found in many facial peels, masks, and even creams. They target fine lines and wrinkles, and offer a clean, clear, smooth complexion. They have also been shown to lighten dark spots on the face, and even lighten the appearance of the signs of aging.

How AHAs Became the 80’s Skin Care Miracle
During the 1980’s, it was discovered that AHAs could target particular areas of concern by implementing a new way to exfoliate the skin, leaving behind gorgeous, fresh, glowing and smooth skin. As soon as this information was made public, a new era of skin care to light. When women caught wind of the capabilities of this type of ingredient, it became all the rage. No longer did women have to use painful facial buff sponges or use harsh exfoliants to scrub their faces – now, it was all so simple, and the exfoliation process didn’t hurt a bit. From there, the rest is history. Although AHAs weren’t actually approved by the FDA until 1992, dermatologists were using them in their offices during this time to give rejuvenating facial peels to countless women who were flocking in to get their taste of this new skin care fad. What many people believed would be simply just a fad has stuck around for good, because it’s an ingredient that actually works – and many companies now include the benefits of AHAs in their skin care lines for women worldwide.

What Are the Downsides of AHAs?
The downsides of AHAs are that you may experience photosensitivity after using products or undergoing a treatment in a dermatologist’s office containing the ingredient. The ingredient may make your skin burn easily, as fresh new skin is revealed. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay out of direct sunlight for at least 48 hours after undergoing a dermatology treatment, or using a product containing AHAs. When you do make your way back into the sun, always be sure to use a good sunscreen to protect your precious skin from the harmful sun rays, and have many years’ worth of beautiful skin to come.

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