Fashion November 12, 2016

Accessories That Reflect Your Style

Personal style is one of the great things in life, it’s this area of our lives where we’re able to reflect and express who we are as individuals.  There are SO many options in clothes and trends at our access, we really have more opportunity than ever before to use our style as a form of self-expression.  There’s something for everyone in trends.  If you’re anything like us, you have a soft spot for accessories.  We’re sharing some of our favorite accessories that reflect your style for the fall and winter season.  If you feel like you need a little boost to your style, accessories are a great way to get on track, plus a new season = new trends.


Boots, Boots and More Boots
There’s something about boots that they’ve just become synonymous with the fall and winter season for women’s fashion.  While in recent years there have been a few general styles that most women have and wear, this year there are a TON of different boot styles – making it a perfect accessory to reflect your style.  If you’re into things that are more trendy and edgy, you’re in luck because over the knee boots and velvet boots are EVERYWHERE.  If you’re more about keeping things a little more subtle, there are a ton of gorgeous ankle boots in leather and suede that would be a great item for you to incorporate.

Don’t Forget The Handbags
Of course we couldn’t talk about accessories without the mention of handbags.  Handbags are kind of everything this fall and winter season.  The great thing about handbags is they really have a way of just working with so many different outfits, even if you opt for more of a statement bag.  They’re great items to completely transform your outfit and to really show off your personal style in a great, easy way.  The most popular handbag trends this season are short strapped bags, top handle styles, crossbody bags and handbags with embellishment on them.  See what we mean?  Talk about options, right?  Regardless of your handbag preferences, there’s sure to be a trend from this lineup that works for you and allows you to fit it in with your personal style in a really powerful way.  Personally, we’re really all about the handbags that add a different feel to your look – maybe opting for something a little different to really show your personality.

woman in hat

Top It Off With a Hat
Another popular accessory for fall and winter is always the hat.  Again, in recent years we’ve seen the same couple of hat styles – but this year is different.  There’s literally a hat trend for everyone this year.  If you like the beanie look, but you want a little update, try one with a faux fur ball on top for a fun twist.  Not really into the beanie look?  How about a wide brimmed hat in a wine color?  There are so many different options, and the great thing about hats is you can add them to pretty much any outfit and give your look a totally different, well… look.

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