Fashion August 19, 2015

90’s Trends That Maybe Weren’t a Great Idea

Practically everywhere you look, there’s a resurgence of the 90s–in clothing, hairstyles, makeup, home decorating and design. As history has revealed, there is never a nostalgic revisiting of any period of time that isn’t accompanied by modern alterations and modifications to better suit the times. So now, as we witness so much of the 90s returning full force, it’s worth taking a look at some of that decade’s trends that we’d most likely rather not ever see return. Here is a list of some of the more prominent trends of the times that would be best left to memory:

Woman wearing a bucket hat.

  • The Bowl Cut: Primarily for boys with straight hair, also known as a skater’s cut. Another fail-take on the bowl cut was to part it down the center.
  • The No Fear Craze: Seen on t-shirts, and a myriad of stickers for skateboards, bikes and bumper stickers. What were we not afraid of, anyway?
  • JNCO Jeans and their huge legs: With opening hems measured at 50”, these pants are highly unlikely to ever come back, thankfully.
  • Gathered-Hems on Pants: A wide variety of pants and jeans for both boys and girls, with legs hemmed with elastic, and tightly gathered at the ankle.
  • Light-up Athletic Shoes: A big brand of the day was LA Gears. There was no sneaking around at nighttime while wearing these bad boys.
  • DIY Bell-bottomed Jeans and Jean Pocketbooks: A lot of people tried their best to get really creative with denim and used jeans. Mostly wound up as absolute fails.
  • Baja Hoodies: Seemed super cool at the time. Enough said.
  • Bucket Hats: Many were sold and many were worn. But everyone else is still wondering why.
  • Mossimo Wallets on Chains: These chains could get really big and heavy. Frequently paired with your JNCO Jeans.
  • Sweatshirt Tied Around Waist, While Layering With a Flannel Shirt: The whole point of the waist-tied sweatshirt was just in case you got cold, but the flannel shirt would see to your staying warm. Huh?
  • Overdoing it, With the CK One: Letting everyone within a five mile radius see how worldly you are was never clever.
  • The “Over One Shoulder” Overalls: Overalls certainly have their place, but the style of one strap being left undone never flew for long.
  • Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts: People thought wearing these made them appear well-traveled, when most of the time, they were actually souvenirs brought back to them by their parents, upon their return from a work trip.

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