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5 Updos You Can’t Live Without

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Hair styles are a fun part of individuality. We all have different tastes, styles, and personalities. Finding a style that you really love and giving it a try is one of the best ways to find out which hairstyles work for you, and which don’t. Just because you love the way a hairstyle looks, doesn’t mean it is going to compliment your features. Be mindful of face shape and features before attempting any style, and you will surely save yourself a lot of stress and aggravation in the end.

Today, we are discussing updos. Lionesse US would like to tell you about five updo hairstyles that you simply cannot live without, and demonstrate how they are done.


Teased Half up-Half Down Style

This is a simple go to style that only takes about 5 minutes to complete, start to finish.

  1. Section off any bangs in the front of the hair, ensuring they are smooth and parted as you like.
  2. Section towards the front of the hair the hair surrounding your ears and temples.
  3. Flip hair from the crown towards the front. This will be the hair you will tease.
  4. Grab the hair at the crown of your head and gently tease in an upward/underneath fashion and move on to the next section, working your way towards the front. Be sure to use hairspray on each section before you tease the hair to get maximum styling power and hold.
  5. Complete the process until all of the hair from the crown forward is teased ensuring to leave your bangs alone and not to tease them. You can create side swept bangs with your bangs or simply leave them as is.
  6. Take the hair from crown to front and pull back into one hand as if you were doing a typical half up, half down style. Secure with a large bobby pin and smooth with a comb or teasing brush. Be sure to only smooth the top layer of hair.
  7. Now, you will tease the hair on the sides of your head in which you moved to the front section with your bangs (hair surrounding temples and ears.) You will then repeat the process of securing the hair with bobby pins over the last hair you secured already.
  8. Complete this process until all of the hair in front of the ears is secured.

Spray with hairspray. You can then curl the hair which is left down, or leave is straight. The choice is up to you!



Inverse Pony Tail

Super easy and super cute, the inverse pony tail only takes less than a minute to complete. If you’re short on time, this style is definitely the one for you!

  1. Gather all hair as you would as if you were creating a regular ponytail.
  2. Use a thick scrunchie (preferably fabric) to secure the hair as normal.
  3. Grasp the pony tail and directly above the area where the hair is secure, pull it apart to expose a hole.
  4. Create an actual hole above the ponytail, and flip the hair from the ponytail through the hole.
  5. Tighten the scrunchie, and voila! Perfect inverse ponytail in no time!


The Headband Trick

This is an adorable, fast style that you can actually leave in for a few days and it looks better as the days wear on. Give this one a try for something different and fun!

  1. Part your hair down the center.
  2. Put an elastic headband around your head.
  3. Starting from the front, twist your hair around and then under the headband, as if it looks rolled around it. Do this with the front pieces, and then repeat this process with the hair towards the back.
  4. Complete this process until all hair is wrapped around and under the headband.
  5. Pin the hair in place to secure.

Enjoy your adorable new style!


Braided Updo

For those who love braids, this one’s for you!

  1. Gather the hair into two sections on either side of your head as if creating pigtails.
  2. Braid the two strands and secure with elastic.
  3. Wrap both braids around the back of the head and secure with bobby pins, ensuring you tuck the ends up and under the braids.

Spray with a little hairspray, and that’s all there is to it! The following day, you will have pretty, wavy locks you can wear as a style all its own!


Messy Bun

This is the quickest updo for those who are super short on time, and want to get their hair out of their face.

  1. Gather all of your hair as though you were going to make a ponytail, and begin to wrap an elastic around it.
  2. Stop short of pulling the hair through the elastic.
  3. Twist the elastic around the messy knot that is now present.
  4. Rock your super easy style until the wheels fall off!



There you have it – five simple, easy to do updos that you just can’t live without. Every woman needs to put her hair up sometimes. By finding new and exciting ways to wear your hair up, styling your hair will never be boring.

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