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Mid-Century Skin Care Practices

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Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of skin care practices were done in the 1950’s?  While in reality it wasn’t THAT long ago, it’s safe to say things have changed in the skin care industry…significantly (to say the very least).  Even since the 1990’s, skin care practices have evolved greatly.  We thought it would be fun to dive into what skin care practices looked like in the Mid-Century.  Just how much have things changed?  Well, it turns out… a LOT.

There are quite a few articles on skin care practices that took place in the 1950’s, most of which seemed to focus on the rise in cleansing the skin.  It seemed many commercials and ads were based around cleaning the skin, and the importance of it.  Cleansers at this time were in the form of bar soaps, often multi-purpose bar soaps.  In other words, they weren’t using cleansers that were strictly for washing the face.  However, there was a huge emphasis on why you needed to cleanse your skin thoroughly every day in order to get rid of the dirt and grime built up throughout the day.  Cleansers/bar soaps were used in combination with a wash cloth

Removing Makeup
In addition to the popularity of cleansing the skin, there seemed to be a large emphasis on the importance of removing makeup.  While makeup, in general, wasn’t applied to the extent it is in today’s world, there still seemed to be a large focus making sure women were removing their makeup.  However, unlike today where we have specific makeup removing products they were using a cold cream and cloth to remove the makeup.  Slightly different, huh?

Woman looking like Marilyn Monroe

The Growth of the Beauty Industry
The 1950’s was really where the idea of glamor began to take off, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe leading the way.  It seems this was the era where the makeup and skin care industries really started to take off in a big way, coming out with more makeup products and options than ever before.  It’s really no surprise when you have Marilyn Monroe as a style/ beauty icon – you’re going to want to focus on getting that flawless skin.

Taking a look back at the skin care practices of the 1950’s compared to today’s world is quite shocking.  It’s truly amazing to realize how much has changed in both the makeup and skin care industries since the 50’s, as we look at all the options we have today.  Although, like anything the boom in popularity starts somewhere and it seems the 1950’s was where a lot of the interested started to gain traction.  As we hear time and time again about the importance of cleansing, we’re now hearing more and more about the importance of toning and moisturizing – naturally we’ve learned more since the 50’s but the focus on the importance of cleansing and removing your makeup still holds true.

What do you think of these common skin care practices from the mid-century?

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Maintaining a Clean, Healthy Scalp

Woman examining her hair

Scalp health is highly underrated and not discussed enough.  We’ve all read tons of articles on how to create gorgeous hairstyles but rarely stop to think about the health of our scalp.  The fact of the matter is we truly can’t obtain a gorgeous hairstyle if our scalp isn’t healthy.  It’s just what it is!  So it’s time we  start talking about scalp health, to get you started we’re going to share some of our favorite tips for maintaining a clean, healthy scalp to get you started on this journey.

Be Cautious of the Sun
We know SPF and sun protection is important for our skin, but most of us forget that our scalp is actually exposed to the sun as well.  The sun can be really harsh on our hair and scalp, causing our hair to be damaged and the skin on our scalp to result in some problems.  We’re all using skin care products that yield SPF built in, but what about our hair care products?  If you tend to be outside a lot,  it’s a good idea to consider adding hair care products that have SPF built right in to give you hair and scalp some extra added protection.  Another way to help your scalp gain protection from the sun is to cover your scalp and hair when you’re in the sun with a hat or scarf.

Be Picky About Chemical Products
Things like hair coloring, relaxers, and perms are all chemical based products and if used incorrectly or too often can cause some damage to the scalp area.  It’s important that when using these types of products you seek the help of a professional.  Additionally, ask your professional hairstylist what types of hair care products they recommend for maintaining your scalp’s health for chemically treated hair.


Give Your Scalp a Massage
You’ve gotten the scalp massage when you get your hair cut at the shampoo station, they actually focus on that because of the incredible benefits of scalp massage.  Many experts suggest taking your time in the shower to massage your own scalp.  Massaging the scalp increases blood flow and helps to stimulate the hair and scalp in a positive way.  So massage away!

Get Your Diet on Track
Many experts believe that the scalp’s health is actually a huge indication of a person’s overall health.  If the skin on your scalp is dull it could be a health warning for your body.  It’s also highly affected by your diet – much like your skin in general.  Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced diet as much as possible.

Now that you know some of the easy ways to maintain a healthy scalp, hopefully, we have you thinking about your hair and scalp a little more.  We don’t think or talk about it often enough, but now that we are you can see maintaining your scalp’s health doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Which of these scalp maintenance tips are you going to start incorporating first?

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SPF & Skin Care Products

We’ve heard the importance of SPF, we literally can’t escape people talking about it (as we share more information on it).  But with the weather heating up in the Northern hemisphere we need the reminders, since still often forget to incorporate SPF in as many ways as possible.  It’s important to realize that SPF can and should be applied in more ways than just your traditional SPF lotion products.  Many companies and brands have created other types of products that allow us to get SPF protection and incorporate them easily into our daily lives.  We’re breaking down a few ways to incorporate SPF through non-traditional skin care products to help get you started.

Woman applying moisturizer

While we often think of SPF lotion that we apply when we’re at the beach or pool, it’s actually really important to include a moisturizer that has SPF in it to your daily routine.  So if your current daily moisturizer doesn’t have SPF, consider making a switch to one that does.  This way you’re going to get that extra protection daily.

You may not realize that your makeup can be doing double duty!  Many makeup brands, specifically those that are mineral based actually incorporate (or naturally have) SPF.  Using a makeup line that has SPF built into the products, at least the foundation/powders, is another great way for you to have additional protection without having to actually add any additional steps you aren’t already doing in your daily beauty routine.  That’s the great part about makeup with SPF in it, you’re already applying makeup so why not get the added bonus of makeup that has additional SPF in it to up your skin care game.

Woman applying lip balm

Lip Balm
Probably one of the most forgotten areas of the skin when it comes to applying SPF is the lips.  Most people don’t think of their lips actually needed SPF protection as well, but our lips are quite sensitive so it’s an incredibly important area to take care of from the sun.  Thankfully, many brands have actually created lip balms specifically formulated with SPF right in them.  This is such a great combination because we’re getting the SPF plus the moisturizing effect from the lip balm.  Plus, it’s an easy way to add some protection to a delicate, and often forgotten area of your skin.

As the temperatures rise it’s going to be more and more important that you’re adding SPF to your daily routine in as many different ways as you can.  This will help keep your skin protected from the sun.  With more and more SPF skin care products coming out it’s easier than ever for us to add SPF to our beauty routine, without having to add any additional work for ourselves in the morning.  Decide how you’re going to incorporate some of these new SPF skin care products into your daily routine – your skin will thank us when you’re sunburn free!

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Pretty Dancer’s Skin

Woman touching her face

Dancers are people who use their bodies for their craft, and while taking care of your skin is important for everyone, dancers have unique needs and struggles from the rest of us.  If you’re a dancer or considering adding dance into your life, we’re sharing a few skin care tips to keep in mind to make sure your skin maintains its gorgeousness.

Dancers use their feet… a LOT. So it’s crucial they take care of the skin on their feet.  It’s important to try to keep feet as dry as possible – since it’s likely as a dancer you’re going to sweat often try to let your feet be dry when you can.  Additionally, you’re going to want to be sure you moisturize the skin on your feet regularly.  While it may seem odd to say keep your feet dry but moisturized, it’s necessary.  Moisturizing your feet will help keep your feet from developing too much roughness and instead keep them softer.

Dancer looking in the mirror

As a dancer, it’s likely you’re wearing a good deal of makeup during performances or even practicing dance with makeup on.  Because of this, you’re going to want to be sure you’re spending extra time focusing on removing your makeup properly and regularly as well as thoroughly cleansing your skin every morning and evening.  This will help make sure you’re getting any and all makeup off of your face.  Another factor in this is the fact that you’re likely going to be sweating often, so cleansing your skin regularly will help clean out your pores and refresh your skin – avoiding any possible breakouts as much as possible.

Because dancers tend to be in many different outfits that expose more skin than in normal daily life, it’s important that you take care of the skin on your body.  Exfoliating and moisturizing often is crucial to great skin health.  Using products like dry brushes for the skin all over your body is a great way to get great exfoliating in to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin on your body.  Also making sure that you’re staying hydrated and using a good moisturizer is going to be key to making sure your skin has a youthful, healthy glow.

While these skin care tips are important for everyone to consider, dancers to have different skin care elements to consider on a daily basis.  Because of the nature of their activity levels in combination with their competition looks/ makeup/ etc. it’s especially important that dancers take their time when it comes to skin care.  Just like everyone else, it’s important not to rush through your skin care routine, taking your time to make sure you’re able to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin will help make sure your skin is properly taken care of – plus, your future self will thank you!

What specific skin care needs or problems do you find are common for dancers?

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Tween Skincare

Mother and daughter applying a face mask

When kids start reaching the tween age, developing a skin care routine becomes incredibly important.  Helping your tween get in the habit of a regular skin care routine at the tween age can also help them get into the habit early and they’re more likely to carry those habits throughout the rest of their lives.  Because the tween age range is typically when kids start to experience breakouts, hormonal changes, and body changes it’s important to make sure they’re taking care of their skin in the process.  Although their skin is young, they aren’t going to need the same skin care as adults.  To help you help your tweens, we’re breaking down a few points to consider when getting your tween on a skin care routine.

Keep it Simple
Seriously though, if it’s too complicated the likelihood of your tween actually going through with the routine regularly isn’t very high.  Find a way to keep the routine simple and to the point so that they’re likely to actually go through with it, but still taking good care of their skin in the process.  Think cleanse, tone, moisturize – those are often the most important steps to skin care according to skin experts.

Consider the Products
Because your tween’s skin is still young it’s likely to be on the sensitive side.  Try looking for products that are specifically made for tween-aged skin and/or sensitive skins.  Many experts suggest avoiding products with a lot of ingredients as typically the more ingredients the more likely something is to affect skin sensitivities.  Also, skin care isn’t something you want to choose based on price alone.  While many people think as long as their washing their face it doesn’t matter what the actual product is, but because of their age tweens do need products that are actually good for their skin – they’ll thank you in the future!  Because their habits and skin care practices now will have an effect on them later in life, either positively or negatively.  So instead of basing the product purchase decision on just price, make sure it’s filled with ingredients that are good for your tween’s skin and has everything they need in the products.

Teenage girl looking in the mirror

Work with Them on the Routine
Because starting a skin care routine is likely to be new to your tween, it’s important to talk it over with them.  Avoid ‘making’ them wash their face and instead let them be a part of the process.  If they’re interested have them help in deciding which products to use, this can help them feel like they’re a part of the process.  Also, explain to them why taking care of their skin is so important and what to do when they have a breakout or other skin condition.  Keep the open line of communication so they’re able to talk to you when they have questions or concerns.

Of course, if your tween is dealing with mild or severe acne it’s advised you seek professional assistance so an expert can help narrow down the cause and help get a handle on things early.

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Pretty Armpits

Woman looking at her armpits

When you think of armpits you’re probably not thinking of ‘pretty.’  But our armpits are a part of our body and consist of sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of just like the rest of our bodies.  Many people deal with different skin issues under their arms than other parts of their bodies.  We’re breaking down a few of the common underarm frustrations and what to do about them.

Underarm Darkness
Many people struggle with the skin on their armpits being quite dark, one of the common causes of underarm darkness is hair removal.  There are a ton of home remedy type of solutions that are said to help lighten up dark underarms.  Using things like potatoes or lemon have been found to eliminate some of the darkness in underarm areas.  Lemon is known to act as a lightening agent for hair, but it’s actually been found to help with darkness in the underarm area too!  Simply using a lemon wedge over the darker area for a few minutes and letting the lemon juice sit on the skin a few times a week for a few weeks has been found to give great results.  Baking soda has also been found to help with this frustration.  Mixing baking soda with water to create a paste-like substance and applying it to the area as a scrub and washing it off has been found to create results as well.  It’s recommended to repeat the baking soda approach a few times a week for a few weeks as well.  These are just a few home remedy type of solutions that have been found to create results for many people.  Try doing a more in-depth research process if this is a current struggle for you.

Ingrown Hair
Another common frustration for people with their underarms is developing ingrown hair.  Some people are just prone to having ingrown hairs more often than others.  The good news is there are some solutions.  Antiseptics prescribed by a dermatologist or doctor is an option for those who tend to get ingrown hairs frequently.  If you’re opting to try to remove the ingrown hair yourself it’s advised to first soak the skin in warm salt water for at least 10-15 minutes to help soften the skin.  You’re going to want to be extremely gentle and careful when doing this because your underarm area is sensitive.  Make sure tweezers/ needle you use to remove the hair has been sterilized with alcohol.

Whichever struggle you’re currently, or have, dealing with it’s important to treat your underarm skin gently and delicately.  Because the skin on the underarm area is extremely delicate it’s important to keep in mind when you’re shaving and removing the hair.  Because hair removal can cause some issues like darkening the skin color or ingrown hairs, it’s important to take your time during the process to help minimize the potential of acquiring these problems.  Take your time, and take care of those armpits!

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Oysters & Pearls

Pearl oyster in a beach

The theme of the week has been everything unique and luxurious.  We couldn’t think of anything more unique and luxurious than oysters and pearls.  There’s a reason there are so many faux pearls around the world…because they’re so luxe!  The way in which pearls are formed by oysters themselves is quite amazing.

The beginning stages of a pearl developing within an oyster start from an irritation getting inside the oyster, it can be something as small as a grain of sand that gets trapped.  When it gets inside the shell of the oyster, the oyster naturally starts to develop a protective coating called nacre (also referred to as mother-of-pearl).  The oyster develops layers of this protective coating which eventually forms the pearl.  With some oysters, an irritant doesn’t need to be trapped, but instead the process of pearl formation starts from the inside of the oyster getting a cut.  While it sounds like it’s a quick process, the oysters typically take at least 6 months to develop (sometimes it can take years).  Wow, right?!  Talk about a process!

The process of pearls being farmed out and collected is just as timely and requires immense patience from the farmers.  Farmers have to open the shell to each oyster and carefully examine each pearl to check its quality levels.  Experts have said that most oysters will only produce one pearl over their lifetime, however, some can produce up to 2 to 3.

Considering the long process it takes to grow and farm a pearl from an oyster, it’s no wonder they’re a highly sought after item.  Not to mention, they’re stunning!  There are all sorts of different types of pearls from freshwater oysters and pearls to Tahitian oysters and pearls.  Additionally, because of their rare nature pearls are typically quite expensive – especially pearl jewelry.  But their rareness definitely makes for unique jewelry pieces!

Now people have begun creating ‘farmed’ pearls, which are created in a very similar way as they are naturally.  But they’re kind of pushed into the process a tad.  While naturally oysters develop an irritant or obtain a cut before they begin the process of developing a pearl, the farmed version is done in a way where the oysters are given a cut or irritant by the farmers/harvesters.  While many articles state that the farmed pearls and naturally developed pearls are considered to be of the same quality, often the farmed versions tend to be less expensive than the natural versions.

There’s a certain level of mystery when it comes to pearls because of the fact that they’re produced by a living organism in the ocean.  Unveiling how pearls are actually developed is really something, and really speaks to why pearls and oysters are looked at as such a luxurious, unique item.  It sure helps us to better understand why pearls tend to be on the more expensive side – all the time and work that goes into it.

What surprises you most about the process an oyster goes through in order to develop a pearl?

Mallory Sills

Amber’s Power

Amber stones

There are so many incredible, natural products that so many of us aren’t even aware exist.  Amber is one of those natural things that so many people don’t realize hold insane benefits.  Amber itself is actually a tree resin.  Amber is most often made into jewelry and oils.  While it’s not the most commonly used naturally derived product, many people do use it for its incredible health benefits.  We decided to share a few of the most commonly sought after uses of amber in the health related aspect to introduce you to amber a bit more.

Skin Health
When used as an oil, amber oil is often used during massages as it’s said to act as a rejuvenating ingredient.  Many users have found amber oil provides incredible anti-aging properties, many of which are based on the rejuvenating effect it has on the skin.  More specifically, it’s said to increase and give a boost to new skin cell growth – incredibly important for anti-aging.  You can definitely use amber oil yourself (not just for massage), it’s recommended to use in a steaming manner by adding a few drops to hot water and reaping the benefits of the steam.  Additionally, using the oil in this manner can often assist in unclogging pores – great for acne and breakouts!

Incredible Health Benefits
Amber oil, like many essential oils, give users multiple uses.  The health benefits that have been found by using amber oil include an incredible range.  Spanning from reducing inflammation (internal and external) to providing pain relief temporarily to particular areas of the body to giving relief to those suffering from congestion or other breathing struggles.  Talk about being filled with major health benefits.

Amber Jewelry Benefits
Something that many articles states has been passed down for many years is the use of amber jewelry for quite a surprising use!  Amber teething necklaces have been used for many, many years as a more ‘natural’ source.  It’s said to give teething babies pain relief.  Much of this is believed to come from amber’s anti-inflammatory benefits, in turn giving teething babies some relief if they’re experiencing inflamed gums.  Additionally, amber is often used as a calming source again providing teething children with some calmness in their discomfort from the teething process.  It’s said these benefits are seen the most when the amber is actually touching the skin.

The use of amber for health benefits stems back to Ancient Egyptians and has been continued to be used throughout the years.  In fact, even now, many European countries pharmacies even sell products with amber in them as it’s known and respected for its incredible health benefits.

Amber holds incredible power as it relates to our health, well-being and even our skin.  Like many essential oils and natural health products, amber is beginning again gain momentum and popular in today’s world.  While it isn’t a new product to be used in health, it’s great to see it gaining momentum and people appreciate amber for all the incredible benefits it has to offer users.

Mallory Sills

Enjoy a Diamond Facial


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Right! What’s more luxurious than receiving or wearing diamonds?  Not much!  What if we told you diamonds are making their way into our skin care?  Because they are – yep, that’s right diamonds in your skin care.  It may sound too luxurious to believe, but diamond skin care products and even diamond facials are now a thing.  Experts have found incredible benefits from adding diamonds into skin care, so it’s really no shocker that they’re adding them to facial products and services.  We’re breaking down a few of our favorite benefits from diamond-infused facial treatments.

Major Texture Benefits
If you think about it, diamonds are naturally a rough product.  So, they’re able to provide a really amazing and natural microdermabrasion type of experience.  Because of the incredible exfoliating element, it helps with smoothing the surface of your skin, helping create an incredible texture, aids in anti-aging, and is great for pigmentation or sun damage that’s been done to the skin.  We know exfoliation is so important for our skin, the fact that we’re able to have such a great exfoliating experience using a natural product (that just happens to be super luxurious) is a double win!

Anti-Aging like Woah
Diamonds have been found to be incredibly beneficial to anti-aging treatments.  They’re said to remove toxins and get the skin cells movin’ and groovin’ the way they’re supposed to, assisting in boosting the cellular life of your skin cells.  Again, a lot of this is attributed to the exfoliating factor of the diamonds.  The major exfoliation is kind of like letting your skin start fresh, starting fresh with a little diamond help that is!

Acne Benefits
Aside from typical skin care frustrations like wrinkles and age spots, acne is another common skin care struggle that’s been found to benefit from the diamond facials.  It’s specifically really great for eliminating blackheads.  Most likely because of the great exfoliating benefits the treatment has.  Exfoliation is such a huge part of acne prone skin (and really all skin types), it’s no wonder diamond facials have been found to be so incredible in reducing acne.  On top of helping with the acne in general, since it’s such a great product for pigmentation problems, uneven skin tone, and uneven skin surfaces it’s amazing for any acne scars or damage that may be left over from prior breakouts.

It’s so Luxurious
Really, who doesn’t love the idea of getting a diamond facial?  Diamonds are such a luxe item that even the process of getting a diamond facial is sure to make you feel like a queen (or king).  Using any type of skin care product that’s infused with diamonds is sure to leave you feeling like your skin is luxurious and glam.

What do you think of diamond facials?  Will you, or have you ever gotten one?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Encapsulated Retinol

vitamin capsule

The skin care industry is on a massive upward spiral, with new products and technology coming out into the market constantly it can be hard to keep up with what’s the latest and greatest.  Retinol is an incredibly popular ingredient in a lot of different anti-aging skin care products.  Retinol is actually a form of Vitamin A, as well as an antioxidant and a fat-soluble vitamin.  Retinol has some great attributes and it’s said when used to its proper form it can help increase collagen production in your skin.  Because of the nature of retinol, it does have a tendency of losing some of its attributes and strength as it’s stored on shelves and overtime.  This is where the use of encapsulated retinol comes into play.  It’s a sensitive ingredient and so looking for a product in an airtight container is essential. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to add a retinol product into your skincare routine.

You Get What You Pay
There are different strengths and forms of retinol products it’s often stated that retinol products that are purchased at dermatologists can be up to 20 percent stronger than those that are purchased over the counter.  That being said, there are higher quality products that will leave you with results similar (if not better) than those from dermatologists.

You May Be Sensitive
If you have sensitive skin retinol may cause your skin to get a bit tripped up.  Because of the strength of a retinol product, it’s important to make sure you find a formula that’s right for you and your skin.  Additionally, some experts suggest putting a small amount of the retinol product on after you cleanse and before you moisturize.  If you feel an uncomfortable feeling, you can wash it off after 15 minutes.  It’s known to still deliver results but allow the user to feel more comfortable and not have to deal with anything for long periods of time.  If you’re extra sensitive its advised not to use the retinol products more than 2-3 times per week.

Although some users can be sensitive to retinol there’s a lot of experiences that show encapsulated retinol is preventing sensitive skin users from having any negative side effects (or at least as many).  So the encapsulated retinol products are serving multiple purposes, allowing the product to not be exposed or altered during storage and preventing sensitive skin users from suffering any unwanted experiences.

With the way skin care and technology is moving, it’s hard to say what they’re going to come up with next.  Although there’s already some talk of microencapsulated retinol products that are starting to hit shelves, now.  With any skin care products, it’s important to do your research and know that the products you’re using are good for your skin, high quality, and won’t leave any negative long-term effects on your skin.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so we need to take care of it wisely!

What do you think of the encapsulated retinol products? Have you tried one, or will you?