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The Aloe Vera Fix-All

Aloe vera

In the world we live in, we’re all looking towards more natural approaches to health and skin care treatments.  And let’s face it, we all love fix-all items that just seem to work for everything.  Aloe vera has become known as one of those natural, fix-all things that just seem to work wonders.  This is likely why there are now so many different forms of aloe vera available now.  From aloe gel and latex to supplements made to add aloe to your body internally.  The health benefits that have been discovered from the use of aloe are pretty incredible, to say the least.  There aren’t many things on this planet that give us such incredible benefits from the same one thing.  So we’re dishing on some of the most commonly used ‘fixes’ aloe is used for, to show you the power of aloe vera.

Healing Burns
Aloe has actually been found incredibly beneficial when someone acquires a burn on their skin.  Whether it’s a burn from the sun or something else, burns have been found to find massive relief from the addition of aloe vera to the spot where the burn is on a person’s skin.  The plus side is while there are so many products that have been developed to ease and relieve burns, aloe vera is a natural remedy to burn healing – where many of the other burn remedies available on the market aren’t exactly ‘natural.’  In addition, aloe has been found to bring massive relieve to those who suffer skin irritations like dermatitis caused by radiation treatments.

Aids with Digestion
Unfortunately, many people suffer from digestion struggles.  Since aloe is now able to be taken topically, people have found incredible benefits to their internal health.  Adding aloe topically has been found to help regulate a person’s digestive tract and system.  In addition, it’s been found to get your gut on track and rid it of bacteria that’s not serving your gut/digestive system in a pleasant way.

It’s the Ultimate Anti-Ingredient
Anti as in antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal… just to name a few.  Basically, aloe vera is made up of ingredients that are incredible at preventing the growth of microorganisms that are known to cause disease AND stop a lot of infections from occurring/growing/spreading.  So essentially, having an aloe plant is a must-have in your home.

Major Internal Benefits
Not only does aloe help with digestion in the body, but it’s also been found to help reduce inflammation within a person’s body.  Inflammation is a common struggle among many people in the world, for various reasons.  In addition to the decrease of inflammation, it’s also been known to increase/boost a person’s immune system.  The boost in immunity comes from the fact that aloe juice is known to stimulate white blood cells in the body – which help give your immune system extra support in fighting disease.

These are just a few of the aloe vera fixes that have been found, there are countless others reported.  It’s safe to say it really is the fix-all product that’s worth using!

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Legs That Glow

Woman with beautiful legs

Since it’s summertime our legs are being exposed much more on a daily basis and let’s face it, we all want a little extra glow this time of year.  But the downside is we don’t all have naturally glowing legs.  The upside is thanks to a few key beauty tricks, we can all have gorgeously glowing legs any time of the year!  And we don’t have to sit outside for hours on end to try to achieve that glow.  Don’t believe us?  Well, we’re going to share our favorite tips for getting legs that glow so you can glow all summer long.

Massage Your Legs
Part of having gorgeous glowing legs is to get them glowing as naturally as possible (and with minimal product because really… who has the time?!).  One key tip to getting your legs an extra glowing boost is to massage them before stepping into the shower, massage is a great way to increase blood flow all over your body and since you’re focusing on your legs get the blood flowing!  Experts suggest massaging your legs in a downward position, this will get the blood flow and circulation going and some say they see a difference in appearance in a fairly short amount of time.  Some ladies have even found massaging with milk and/or cream to give it an extra boost of glow.

Use a Self-Tanning Product
There are SO many great self-tanners available now, the industry really has come a long way.  Applying a gradual self-tanner to your legs (and all over your body) can be an easy, and fairly quick way to get an extra boost of glow to your legs.  It’s a great way to not only get some color, but also create that natural glow even if you’re not outside all summer long.

Woman exfoliating legs

We always hear about exfoliating the skin on our face, but rarely other parts of our bodies.  Since exfoliating is a major step to eliminating the dead skin cells and giving you that refreshed look – it does the SAME thing to the skin on your legs.  There are a ton of great body exfoliating products available that can help you easily exfoliate the skin on your legs to give you that extra glow.  And hey, word on the street is J.Lo exfoliates her legs on the regular – so it must work!

Contouring Trick
Many celebs actually use a little contouring trick to help their legs look extra glowing and gorgeous.  Ok, ok we’ll tell you!  Adding a highlighting product down the center of your shins is a simple way to glow and even emphasize/fake some extra muscle tone on your legs.  An extra bonus is creating this vertical shimmer line down the center of your leg will also help elongate your leg line – aka make your legs look longer.  Bonus!  The easiest type of highlighting product to use for this trick tends to be a loose powder.

Will you be trying any, or all, of these leg glowing tricks?

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Saving Your Bikini Line

Woman getting a laser treatment

Let’s face it with summer comes bikini season and with bikini season comes taking a little extra time to care for our bikini line.  It’s an extremely delicate area of skin and can get easily irritated when shaving and removing the hair from that area.  Because it’s so delicate it’s essential that you take the necessary steps for taking care of this area.  Rashes, ingrown hairs, etc. aren’t going to go with your favorite swimsuit so we might as well take a few extra minutes to save that bikini line –right ladies?  So to help you out we narrowed down our must-know tips to keep you on track all summer long.

Use the Right Razor
You may not realize it, but if you use a razor to remove the hair from your bikini line there is a ‘right’ type of razor to use.  Experts suggest not using a razor that’s made up of too many blades as it can be too much on your bikini area.  Since the skin is delicate it’s essential you don’t use something that can cause irritation.  Additionally, if you’re used to waiting weeks and weeks until you replace your razor you’re going to need to stop!  Razor blades do tend to become dull after just a handful of uses, and dull blades can result in causing irritations on the skin and even ingrown hairs or rashes.  So make sure you’re regularly switching out your razor blades to make sure that that’s not something that’s affecting your bikini area.  Finally, many people suggest actually having a razor just for your bikini area and one for the rest of your body.

We all know about moisturizing the skin on our face, but have you thought about moisturizing the skin on your bikini line?  Well, you need to start!  Since it is such a delicate area applying a moisturizer after shaving can help soothe your skin and the hair follicles on that area.  It’s advised to use a gentle moisturizer that doesn’t have any fragrance or alcohol listed as an ingredient (since those can cause major irritation to the already delicate skin).

Be Gentle
When using a razor not only is it important to use the right type of razor but it’s also crucial you use it properly.  Many women tend to be too rough with their razor, causing razor burn and pulling on the hair and skin.  Experts suggest using your razor to go in the same direction of the hair’s natural growth.  Additionally, you’re going  to want to try to keep the number of strokes with the razor to a minimum as it can help you avoid overdoing it and causing irritation on your skin.

As with many skin care tricks and tips, it really comes down to using the proper tools and using them properly.  It’s all about technique and care, especially when you’re dealing with an area of skin as delicate as your bikini line.  Follow these tips as you’re focusing on not causing any problems in your bikini line this summer season.

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The Secrets Behind Scar Fade Cream

Woman applying moisturizer

It’s not uncommon to have a scar somewhere on your body.  However, some scars are more noticeable than others and can just be frustrating to constantly see.  There have been so many different products, tips, tricks that have been said to get rid of the appearance of scars.  With the rise in technology and information within the beauty and skincare industry, it’s not surprising that there have been a ton of scar fading creams hitting the market.  If you’ve been dealing with a scar and frustrated at trying to get it to fade, it’s likely you’ve considered trying out one of these fading creams.  Before you do, we thought we’d share the secrets behind these fading creams and how they actually work.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid
These types of acids are commonly found in scar fading creams, along with many other skin care products used for aging as well.  This is because these alpha hydroxyl acids are packed with incredible benefits.  They actually act as a really great microdermabrasion ingredient.  Microdermabrasion is essential to get rid of dead skin cells – so if you have a scar you want to get rid of, this can be a HUGE benefit to helping you eliminate those scar area skin cells.  Often times the scar on your skin is made up of skin that’s now rough and doesn’t have the same feel as the rest of your skin, so microdermabrasion can be an incredible aspect of a scar fading cream to help the skin where your scar is located to have a refreshed and softer surface.

Vitamin E
Another very commonly used ingredient in scar fading creams (among many other skin care products).  Vitamin E has actually been found to help increase collagen production.  When you’re looking to get your skin to heal and kind of rejuvenate collagen production is essential.  Additionally, collagen and vitamin E are said to help with the healing process of your skin even helping it to heal faster often times.  When you have a scar, you’re essentially healing your skin and getting it to have a fresh start of sorts, so you’re definitely going to want an extra boost in collagen production.

This has been a popular ingredient or method for healing scars for quite a while.  Many experts and users have found that the use of silicone speeds up the healing process of a scar.  The reason it’s able to help speed up the process is because silicone actually brings a large amount of hydration to the area, resulting in what’s known as “fibroblast production.”  Basically what fibroblast production is lock in more moisture and allow the skin cells and tissues to heal much quicker and more effectively.

While there are so many different methods and products to helping fade the appearance of scars, many do state that there aren’t guarantees.  Because there are so many factors that can come into play when it comes to a scar like how long you’ve had the scar, how deep the scar is, etc.  However, if you’ve got a scar that’s bothering you looking for products with these essential ingredients have been found to yield some great results among many users!

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The Right Makeup for Eczema Sufferers

Woman scratching her neck

If you’re suffering from eczema it’s likely you’ve noticed that some makeup and cosmetic products negatively affect your skin.  Before you think you can’t find any cosmetic products that will work with your skin, instead of causing a reaction, we’re going to go over some of the tips experts suggest keeping in mind when purchasing makeup products for those with eczema.

Avoid Fragrances
Fragrances in cosmetic products can cause negative reactions for many people, but when you’re dealing with eczema it can affect you even more.  Even if a product has a very slight fragrance or scent to it, you’re best skipping it altogether to avoid any possible eczema flare-ups.  Look for products that specifically note that they’re fragrance-free and/or unscented so you’re sure there isn’t any fragrance that’s been added to the product.

Careful of Preservatives
While preservatives serve a purpose in keeping your makeup from growing bacteria (bonus), they can cause negative effects on those dealing with sensitive skin and eczema.  The good news is there are plenty of natural preservatives that are available now, and many cosmetic companies have started using them.  Since you’re dealing with eczema, it’s best to stick on the safe side and opt for a more natural cosmetic line.  Since it can be hard to tell sometimes what may cause an eczema flare-up it’s best to stick with products that are more soothing and natural for the skin.

Petroleum No More
Many suffering from eczema find that products that are petroleum based tend to cause a negative reaction.  It tends to cause more irritation on the skin for those with eczema, so again it’s best to avoid it.  Read the labels of the products you’re using to determine whether or not there’s petroleum as an active ingredient in those products.

Unfortunately, for those dealing with eczema, you know it’s really any product you put on your skin that can cause a reaction, or flare up.  Many people have found using cosmetics and skin care products that are on the more natural side have given them relief and also allowed them to use the products more easily.  Since it tends to be common that those dealing with breakouts aren’t sure what to use to NOT have a breakout, you may just be avoiding cosmetic products altogether.  Luckily, there are a lot more cosmetic companies that are being strict on what they put in their products (or don’t put in them) to help people find relief and not have to avoid cosmetics altogether.  The common theme among makeup to use when you’re suffering from eczema seems to be looking at the ingredients and sticking to products that are natural.  Since your skin is already in a more sensitive state, you’re much more likely to have a positive effect when following these tips.

If you’re suffering from eczema and have found certain tips or products work well with your skin – we’d love to hear about it!  Share in the comments below!

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Will Makeup Hide Blush?

Woman  applying blush

Blushing can happen for a number of reasons, whether you get hot or nervous/ embarrassed it always seems to happen at an inconvenient time.  However, it’s not something we have control over or can stop from happening.  But since it does happen at inconvenient times you’ve probably wondered at least a time or two if it’s possible to cover blushing with makeup – problem solved, right?  We’ve found a few suggestions to help you figure out whether or not your blushing can be covered with makeup, or not.

True Blushing
Many experts have said if you have true blushing that’s the result of getting nervous, embarrassed, or hot that it’s not something you can cover with makeup.  Many people even suggest not wanting to cover it up – because it is part of you, after all!  Because it’s not something that occurs regularly it can require some extra makeup to cover and all in all many suggest it’s not worth it.

More Consistent Blushing
Now if you’re someone who has blushing from rosacea or more consistent redness in your skin there are some things you can do to cover the blush in your skin.  The first thing is to use a color correcting product before applying your foundation.  Because you’re looking to cover red/pink you’re going to want to use a green tinted concealer or primer to cancel out the redness.  Again, this is the step you’re going to do before applying foundation.  Now since you don’t have redness over ALL of your skin, just apply the green product to the areas that have the most redness.  This will help create a more balanced base skin color to start with.  Once you’ve applied the green concealer/primer go ahead and apply your foundation as normal.

Now it’s really up to you if you feel you want to use the green product if you experience the first form of blushing.  If you feel you blush in the same areas fairly often, it’s worth a try.  However, you want to be sure you’re light with the products you’re using.  Since you will be layering products, it can quickly turn into too much makeup.  So keep a light hand with the products and make sure you blend really well to make sure you’re left with a natural look that isn’t too much.  Remember, makeup is really meant to enhance your natural features not completely hide you and what makes you, you.  While blushing can be embarrassing and annoying at times because it does tend to happen at the worst times, it’s worth noting that almost everyone blushes at inconvenient times.  And you know what?  That’s ok!  We’re all human and we’re not perfect.

Keeping these tips in mind, hopefully, you’re feeling a bit more comfortable with what to do to cover your blushing – or just working with it!  Now that you know some of the most commonly used ways to cover blushing, what do you think?  Will you give it a try?  Do you have any tricks to cover blushing?

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Cellphones and Your Skin

Woman looking into her cellphone

We’re all on our cellphones ALL day long, without a doubt.  And we all want gorgeous, flawless skin.  You’re probably wondering what cellphones and our skin have in common.  Well, it turns out they have more in common than many of us ever thought.  Since we’re all on our phones so often, we felt it was necessary that we share some of the skin concerns that could be related to your cellphone use.

Constantly Looking Down
Because most of us are texting, emailing, etc. on our phones, we’re constantly looking down.  You know how gravity works?  Right, so when we constantly look down on our phones experts have said it could be causing wrinkles!  Ahh!  So if you’re notoriously looking down, one way to try to avoid the wrinkles from happening from your phone use is to not look down but instead, bring your phone up to where you’re able to read it looking straight ahead.

Ever get frustrated from skin breakouts?  Of course, you do, we all do!  You probably never thought of your cellphone as being the culprit behind your breakouts though.  Research has shown that our cellphones actually carry more bacteria on them than a toilet seat handle!  Ummm…yuck.  But if we really think about it, it makes sense as we’re constantly touching things and then touching our phones.  So the bacteria adds up.  Because of the bacteria that builds up on our phone, when we go to place our cellphones against our faces the bacteria transfers over from the phone to our skin… i.e. breakouts happen.  If you’re tired of getting breakouts and feel like your cellphone could be the culprit we suggest considering disinfecting your phone often OR using an earpiece so you don’t have to place your phone up against your face.

LED light
Experts have found that the use of the LED lights in our phones are actually affecting our sleeping habits, meaning they’re keeping us up more at night.  When we sleep with our phones near us, the LED light in the background and screw with our bodies ability to get into an REM sleep.  In turn, it causes us to have bags under our eyes.  If you find sleeping to be difficult for you, avoid scrolling through your phone right before bed, or even keeping your phone near your bed or on.  It may seem like a little thing but we need our beauty sleep to keep our skin looking in tip top shape!  Our suggestion is to find another alarm clock system OR avoid scrolling through your phone as much as possible in the evening to give your body the ability and ‘ok’ to hit the sack and get some shut eye.

Did you ever think your cellphone had such an effect on your skin’s health?  We didn’t either!  But now that we do, we’re looking at our phones in a whole new way – and you should too!  Which one of these skin care facts surprises you the most about your cellphone?

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Doctor Fish Foot Therapy

Fish foot therapy

We’ve found beauty treatments of all kinds throughout the years, some have been around for years, some are new, and some were discovered years ago but just gaining popularity now.  The beauty industry is one that never disappoints when it comes to giving us new treatments and products to try out.  If you’re a reality tv watcher you’ve seen the fish pedicures, where you actually stick your fit inside a tub of fish.  While you may have thought it was just a random beauty treatment done in other countries there’s actually a lot of reasons behind the use of fish and what they can do as far as foot therapy is concerned.  We’re sharing all the details so you know!

Major Exfoliation
Fish foot therapy has actually been found to be an incredible exfoliation for the skin.  They call the fish used doctor fishes as it’s claimed that they know where to get the dead and rough skin cells on your feet.  The exfoliation process really is the main focus of seeking out a fish foot therapy session, because of how the process takes place and the fish have been found to be so specific in their approach.

It’s a Natural Process
Since the fish remove the dead and rough skin cells gently this specific foot treatment is said to be a more natural approach than some others.  Additionally, there haven’t been any negative side effects found from utilizing this foot treatment.  What happens during the treatment is you submerge your feet in warm water where the hungry ‘doctor fish’ reside.  Because of the process and the way the fish massage as they remove the skin many individuals have found it to be an incredibly relaxing process that allows people to feel a relaxed state that isn’t often found in traditional pedicures.

Great Benefits
Aside from exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells and dry skin patches, there have been other benefits found from this doctor fish foot therapy.  Because dead skin cells will be removed from your skin, you’ll be left with glowing, gorgeous skin.  On top of that, it’s said to increase blood flow and help skin be overall in a healthier state.

Just like with any beauty treatment it’s highly advised that you go to a trained professional if you’re considering trying this doctor fish foot therapy.  Because of the different elements involved with the fish and bodies of water, it is extra important as if the proper care isn’t done there can be a spread of bacteria and other undesirable things throughout the process.  But, many people who have seen experts have found incredible benefits from trying this type of foot therapy.  While many have reported the first time feels a bit odd because of the little fish nibbling on your dead skin cells, it’s something that many find to be enjoyable once you get used to the process.  You never know where or how people can find beauty treatment benefits!

Would you, or have you tried the doctor fish foot therapy?

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Uguisu Facial

Woman getting a facial

Beauty trends and treatments are constantly changing.  It seems like every time we think we’ve caught up to all the latest beauty treatments there’s a new one that pops up out of nowhere.  Some sound amazing, while some treatments leave us thinking…”really?”  But that’s really where all the fun is with the beauty industry isn’t it?  We never know what they’re going to come up with next and no matter how crazy treatments get we can’t wait to find out the latest and great the industry has to offer.  We’re going to take a look at a beauty treatment that’s definitely raised some eyebrows, the uguisu facial.

What is It?
The Uguisu facial is also known as the geisha facial as it’s originally from Japan.  The reason this particular facial is raising eyebrows around the world is because it’s actually done using Nightingale droppings.  That’s right, actual droppings from a Nightingale.  It’s been said that the use of the Nightingale droppings helps to minimize the size of pores, blemishes, and give the skin a gorgeous glow.  The reason it’s also known as the geisha facial is because the geishas have been using the technique of utilizing Nightingale droppings to remove their very heavy makeup and found it to be incredibly effective.  Not only did geishas find the droppings effective in removing makeup but found that it actually helped their skin’s overall appearance.

How Does it Actually Work?
You’re probably thinking there’s no way you want bird droppings on your face for a ‘facial.’  They don’t use the droppings in the way you’re likely imagining.  What experts actually do is use dried droppings that have been made into an extremely fine powder.  Prior to being created into a fine powder they’re collected from a special farm in Japan and dried under an ultraviolet light.  The Nightingale powder actually contains a specific enzyme that works extremely well with the human skin, giving users the major benefits that have been found by using it.

If you’re interested in trying out the Ugusiu facial but no skin care specialist in your area is providing the treatment there are actually now at-home skin care masks and treatments you can use that are made with the Nightingale ingredient that is so sought after with these facials.  While this particular facial may seem out of the box there are many celebrities that are rumored to be huge fans of this specific skin care treatment.  It’s important to note that although the facial is done using Nightingale droppings the process is said to indeed be sanitary and healthy for the skin.  Just as any specific skin care treatment it’s wise that you go to an industry leading expert and someone who truly understands what they’re doing and the ingredients that they’re applying  to your face.  It really is amazing to see how people find skin care results from the most out-of-the-box ingredients.  Would you have ever guessed people in Japan were using Nightingale droppings for their facials?  Would you try this?

Mallory Sills

Summer Nail Art

Nail art

Every season the nail art trends change, just like every other trend.  It’s always fun to see what nail art trends are making waves each season but it can also be tricky to keep up.  To help you get your summer nails off to a stylish start we’re sharing some of our favorite summer nail art trends for you to choose from.  With these nail art trends, you’re sure to make a gorgeous nail statement this summer season!

Animal Designs
Just like we start to want lighter and brighter colors, we tend to spend more time outside in the warmer months so it makes sense that another nail art trend is incorporating animals.  Designs that include butterflies and flamingos are total summer influenced and a fun way to infuse nature with your nail art for summer.

French manicure with a solid color

Splashes of Color
Every time summer comes around we’re all ready to ditch the dark nails and get into something lighter and brighter (much like our clothes).  In the nail art world, there’s a lot of abstract bold colors happening for summer.  Designs like paint splatters and French manicures done with colors are all ways ladies are incorporating color into their nail designs for the season.

Food Influenced
Most of us are total foodies. If you’re tired of the traditional nail art and ready for something that looks like it tastes as good as it looks then it may be time to try out the food nail art trend.  Ladies are including designs like watermelon, other fruits, ice cream and more.  Basically, if it’s a food you think of eating more when it’s summer time it’s being painted on nails.  It’s a fun way to get into the spirit of summer and embrace your favorite summer foods!

floral nail art

Whenever we think of summer we think of the flowers that are blooming and how gorgeous they are, so why not bring that beauty to your nail art?  Well, this season there’s a lot of floral influenced designs happening.  Some ladies are incorporating a floral design to all of their nails, while some just choose one nail to have the floral print on.  Whatever you choose you’re sure to have gorgeous nails that are seasonally appropriate and full of fun color.

Regardless of what nail art trend you choose, the summer is all about having fun, embracing the warmer weather, and adding a splash of color to your life.  The great thing about trying out these over-the-top nail art designs is nail polish isn’t permanent.  If you don’t love it, you can remove it right away or just wait a few days for it to come off naturally.  This is probably why girls have so much fun experimenting with nail art and different ways of doing nails, it’s probably the least permanent beauty routine we have to experiment with.  Which is why you should try something that you may not normally, it is summer after all!  So which of these summer nail art trends are you going to try out first?