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Fifty and Fabulous : Secrets to Aging Gracefully

Smiling Middle aged woman

Have you ever met someone, or seen someone that you felt made aging look incredibly graceful?  Us too!  It’s pretty amazing how some women are able to age that way, while so many of us seem to be fighting it.  The thing is, age really is just a number and women (and men) can be fabulous long into their 50’s and long after!  We thought since this week is all about time, it would be appropriate to chat about fifty and fabulous the secrets to aging gracefully.

Don’t sweat the small stuff
In our search for some tips on aging gracefully, we kept coming up with women talking about letting the little things go.  So many of us tend to hold on to so much, and build up unnecessary stress.  Really, what are we holding on to all of it for?  Changing your perspective and eliminating unnecessary stress seems to be a major secret for many women who age gracefully.  It’s not about never having stress, but knowing when and where to allow stressful situations to affect you.  In addition, many feel as though having a more positive outlook on life has a bit impact on aging gracefully.  Probably didn’t think we would be bringing THAT one up, huh?

Keep your skin care simple
With so many different skin care and beauty products available so many of us feel we need to use it all to fight off aging.  But ironically what many gracefully aging women have said is that they keep their skin care pretty simple, right to the point.  Avoiding a lot of the over-done things and getting back to the basics.  Interesting, right?  Sometimes more isn’t more, but less really is more!

Eat well-balanced diets
Another one that may shock you, many of the experts and the women that seem to just age so effortlessly suggest is that they do make sure to eat a well-balanced diet.  Not over-stuffing themselves, but also not completely limiting yourself either.  Enjoying things as you like them, but making sure to include healthy proteins and veggies to get all those great nutrients in the body.  Not only are those types of foods great for your skin, but they’re also great for your body overall.  It’s no wonder they look amazing!

Middle aged woman running

Stay active
We definitely live in a world that sits on our electronic devices a lot, but most women that age gracefully all agree that staying active and not just sitting around all day is a major factor in aging gracefully.  When we sit around our bodies become stiff, but when we’re active our blood gets pumping and our bodies working to function properly.

Don’t skimp on sleeping
We always hear that we need to get 7-8 hours of sleep, but experts have said less and less people are actually getting it.  If you really want to age gracefully, you need to make YOU and your sleeping patterns a priority.  Our bodies repair and rejuvenate themselves while we’re sleeping – we’d say that’s worth getting some shut eye for.

Do you have any secrets to aging gracefully?

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Five Ways To Slow Skin Aging

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As time passes, aging is a big part of that process.  While we can’t completely stop the fact that time passes and we all get older (sorry!), we felt like there had to be some ways to slow the aging process on at least your skin.  Well, fortunately we found some!  We’re sharing five ways to slow skin aging with YOU, so you can start to incorporate these five things into your life.  Because we know you want to slow the aging process down as much as possible, too.

Go easy on the sugar
Sugar has been linked to effecting our bodies and skin in a much more powerful way than many of us have realized for years.  With a lot of the research and information about sugar and the link between it and your skin relating to the fact that it’s been known to cause inflammation in your skin.  When your body produces too much inflammation, it actually starts to negatively affect the collagen in your body – i.e. can make you look older, quicker.  So cutting out, or at least cutting back on how much sugar you eat and drink has been found to yield pretty great results for a lot of people.

Exfoliate, but really this time!
You’ve heard us talk about the importance of exfoliating your skin, but are you taking us seriously?  If you still haven’t been exfoliating you may change that knowing that it can slow down skin aging!  Since exfoliating is a process that eliminates dead skin cells, it actually helps to give your skin and overall more youthful appearance.

Cut out the stress
Similar to sugar, there has recently been a lot more of a link between stress and our health/appearance.  What many experts have found is when we’re under a lot of stress, our body becomes more inflamed, which similarly to sugar can break down the collagen in our bodies and have us looking older quicker.  We know it’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to try to cut out some of the stress in your life.  You’ll be healthier and you’ll start to slow down your skin aging!

woman sleeping

Get more sleep, for REAL
Again, we know it’s so much easier to say get more sleep than actually get more sleep.  But in all seriousness, when our body is sleeping it works to repair itself and really get the rest it needs to function properly throughout the day.  When we don’t get enough sleep our body isn’t able to heal or function as optimally.  Let your skin cells repair, will ya?

Wear sunscreen, ALWAYS
You’ve heard it a thousand times… but you’re still probably going out without SPF aren’t you?  It’s ok, no judgement here!  But if you really want to slow skin aging from happening, you’re going to need to get serious about your SPF routine.  That means wearing SPF ALL THE TIME.  Yes, we said it.  Don’t leave the house without it, even in the winter months and even if the sun doesn’t seem like it’s shining.

Those are our five ways to slow skin aging!  Do you have any you live by?

Mallory Sills

Subtle Signs of Aging

woman examining skin on hands

Oh the signs of aging that pop up…such a pleasure, right?  Ok, ok, we get it no one LIKES to see signs of aging happening on their skin in different areas of their body but it is something that can happen.  Sometimes they’re more subtle than others, and if you can catch them when they are more subtle chances are you’re able to try to reverse (or at least stop) the changes.  We’re sharing subtle signs of aging to help you stay informed, you may be surprised at some of these!

Itchy skin
You’re probably thinking ‘what does itchy skin have to do with aging?’ well it turns out more than you think!  Since we tend to lose a lot of moisture and hydration, the skin’s texture starts to change.  With these changes, the skin can become itchier and sometimes even more sensitive.  If you do start to notice your skin is itchy, it could be a sign that it doesn’t have enough moisture in it which means it’s time to start adding more moisturizer to your regimen.

The skin on your neck changes
The neck is typically an area that most of us forget about when it comes to taking care of our skin, and really including it in the skin care routine.  Around the neck area is where the actual wrinkles form and one of the more subtle signs of aging here can be when the skin on your neck becomes patchy in coloring and more sensitive.  If you’re not quite sure what we mean by patchy – it’s basically if your skin becomes uneven in color around your neck area.  Experts say that uneven color around the neck and chest areas are early indications of aging, and definitely something you want to start to watch.

Gaunt hands
Another area of the body that many of us tend to forget about taking care of over the years is our hands, which is often why many say you can see aging happening on someone’s hands.  Gaunt hands are one of those reasons.  Generally, as we age our skin becomes thinner, gaunt hands tend to be the results of this and the lack of enough hydration in the skin.  Make sure that you’re keeping up with your moisturizing regimen with your hands.  There have been some that suggest fillers if the gaunt hands becomes more than the person likes, along with a lot of other specified skin care products.

Sun spots
Oh the dreaded sun spot talk, you knew we had to go here.  Sun spots are the result of, well…too much sun.  While we all enjoy the sunshine and love spending as much time outdoors as we can during our younger years, it can also be the reason we develop sun spots.  Most experts suggest that if you see sun spots in your 20’s or 30’s it may raise some concern, as that’s pretty early.  Sticking to your SPF routine is going to help make sure you don’t have any more develop later one.

What subtle signs of aging have you noticed?


Show Your skin Some Love With Gingseng


We don’t know about you, but we love the rise in knowledge and popularity when it comes to doing things more naturally, especially with beauty related tricks. It seems that more and more people area realizing the benefits to going more natural route with their beauty needs, and we’re learning more about what we have access to that’s natural. It’s refreshing and beneficial in more ways than one. Ginseng has become a recent ‘buzz’ ingredient that some beauty gurus are talking about if you’re not sure the benefits we’re sharing you how to show your skin some love with ginseng.

The use of ginseng in skincare related situations is nothing new, it’s said that Koreans have been using ginseng on their skin for many years. It’s really no shocker, either, it seems that some of the best and newfound natural skincare items are those that have been utilized for many years by different cultures. Ginseng has grown to become known as an ingredient that does wonders on the skin as far as rejuvenation and even balancing the skin out. The benefits that have been discovered from using ginseng are pretty eye opening if you ask us. We did a little search and found some of the most common benefits that people have reported from using ginseng, which included boosting collagen, helping to create a more flawless complexion, and assisting with anti-inflammatory issues just to name a few.

It’s safe to say with benefits like those, it’s worth taking note on adding ginseng into your own skincare routine to reap the benefits yourself. There are quite a few different ways that you can use ginseng, too. There’s a ginseng tea that’s been known to be incredible for helping to heal the body from the inside out (another popular growing theory in the beauty and health industries). In addition to ginseng tea, a lot of skincare companies are creating products that include ginseng as a major ingredient to help users receive the incredible skincare benefits from it. Since ginseng is known as such a great anti-aging ingredient, it’s rapidly growing in the anti-aging market. There’s a big variety in the types of skincare products that include ginseng from masks to special treatment products and everything in between. We suggest if you’re looking at some of these products that you read the ingredients and purchase from a trusted manufacturer, we’re all learning so much about how trustworthy (or not) some companies are when it comes to what they put in their products and not necessarily always being truthful.

Of course, if you’re not one to want to purchase a skincare treatment there are likely ways for you to make your own and sites like Pinterest are great for finding out more information on those. Regardless, with the benefits that come from using ginseng, it’s safe to say that it can do wonders for anyone’s skin. The bonus is that it’s a natural ingredient that’s been around for many years.

Have you ever used ginseng for your skin? If so what was your experience?


Exfoliating And Moisturizing In The Fall

Moisturizing cream in female hands

You’ve probably noticed that as the season change, your skin changes with it. Now that the weather is slowly starting to change after a gorgeous summer season, we’re getting cooler temps with less humidity. While that’s great, your skin is going to go through a transition with the weather. Exfoliating and moisturizing in the fall are incredible ways to take care of your skin, while it’s important to keep up with these all year long we’re focusing on the fall tips to get you started this season on the right foot.

During this time of year, as the air becomes a bit drier you may notice your skin the following suit. After dealing with humidity in the summer months, the dryness in the air definitely reflects onto our skin. Exfoliating is important to keep your skin healthy regardless of the season, but you’ll likely notice that it will help give your skin a nice refreshing cleanse of sorts. Since exfoliating is great for getting a really deep clean and eliminating dry, flaky skin from your…skin it does wonders when your skin is dry. Experts suggest using an exfoliating product that’s going to be nice and gentle on your skin. Even though you’re exfoliating you don’t want to be too rough on your skin, especially since it’s likely in a more vulnerable state with the change in season. Get into a regular exfoliating routine to help get your skin on track, and keep your skin healthy and looking more flawless through the change in seasons.

As far as moisturizing goes, it’s going to be your new BFF for the fall season. Like we said, the air is going to get dryer which means your skin is going to….hello moisturizer! Moisturizing your skin is going to do wonders to really lock in moisture and bring more hydration to your skin. There’s not much worse than having dry flaky skin, and honestly, a great moisturizer can help eliminate a lot of this pretty easily. It’s suggested that you moisturize your skin every morning and evening, and if you find you still have a lot of dryness try carrying a small moisturizing cream with you to apply when you’re out. Getting into more of a routine is going to really help you from having to deal with dry skin during this fall season. Most experts even suggest switching your moisturizer to something that’s a little heavier, more like a moisturizing cream. Since your skin does need more moisture than it did in the summer adjusting your skincare products to accommodate can be a really great help.

Of course regardless of the skin care products you choose to use, make sure you’re using products that are designed to work with your skin type. This will help make sure even if you add a creamier moisturizer it isn’t something that’s going to cause breakouts or clog your pores. These are definitely two steps you’re not going to want to skip this fall season.

Do you have to go to products or techniques for exfoliating and moisturizing in the fall?

Mallory Sills

Is Fall The Best Season For Your Skin?

It seems like even though it’s not officially fall, we’ve been hearing about pumpkin spice everything already.  There’s something about the fall season that has so many people filled with traditions and excitement for a new season.  Even if you love summer, there is something gorgeous about fall.  Between the changes in weather, clothes, and makeup it’s synonymous with change.  But we all know we’re not just changing our wardrobes for the fall season, our skin also tends to make some adjustments.  It got us thinking about the best season for your skin.  Is fall the best season for your skin?  Or what is?  We thought we’d bring this into the discussion for the week.

Woman enjoying the fall season.

Now let’s just start by clearing the air, the ‘best’ season for your skin can definitely differ from person to person but we just did a little digging to figure out if fall is one of the best seasons for people in general in regards to their skin.  While there isn’t a lot of hard research and information on this topic, it got us thinking about what the weather is like in the fall.  During the summer our skin is put through a bit of a ringer with the heat and sun blazing more often than normal.  Then as we think about winter, our skin is put through the ringer in a different way this time because of the low temperatures and often dry air and higher winds.  So it’s safe to say winter and summer are likely two of the hardest seasons on our skin, because of weather-related struggles (of course depending on where you live).  Then we’re left with fall and spring, spring tends to be pretty moist, rainy and humidity levels tend to pick up so it’s likely a hit or miss for people with their skin.  The great thing about fall weather is the air isn’t super dry but it’s not really humid either, it’s a nice in-between place.  In addition, the fall tends to be synonymous with mild weather for most locations around the United States.  Meaning it’s not really hot and not really cold (for the most part).  Essentially, it’s a great subtle time of year with the weather and let’s face it – the weather can definitely play a major role in our skin.

In addition to the outdoor weather factors that come into play with the fall season, the indoor temps tend to be pretty mild as well.  If you’ve been following some of our sites for a while you’ve probably read some of our articles talking about the havoc indoor climates can have on our skin as well.  The nice mild temperatures and climates both indoors and outdoors definitely play a role in our skin, and definitely, leads us to feel like fall is one of the best seasons for your skin.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Do you notice your skin flourishes a bit more in the fall?  What season do you think is the best for your skin?

Mallory Sills

Treating Iron Burns On The Face and Neck

women using iron

If you’re an avid curling iron or flat iron user, you’ve probably spent many times worrying about burning yourself.  Most of us have burned ourselves at one point or another when using these heated hair styling tools, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to do so.  Typically, these types of burns take place on your face and/or neck area which can be pretty difficult to try to treat.  It’s all about safety and treating burns properly can make a huge difference in avoiding scarring from occurring.  We’re sharing some of the tips to treating iron burns on the face and neck to keep you well informed.

Act fast
One of the things that are suggested when burning yourself with an iron is to act quickly in a few steps.  One of those steps is to apply a cool washcloth to the burned area ASAP.  It’s important that you don’t apply a washcloth that’s too cold, and don’t replace a cool washcloth with ice – they can be too severe for the freshly burned skin.  Applying the cool washcloth to the burned area will help cool the area down in a more subtle way, so you’re going to want to do this quickly.

Bring on the treatments
Ok, so once you’ve cooled down the burned area of skin to a bearable temperature, it’s time to get to treating the burn.  Aloe vera is said to be one of the best products to apply to freshly burned skin because of its soothing healing properties.  Aloe is really great for sunburns, and just as great for burns you get from irons.  Not only does it give the burned area some more soothing effect but it’s also great for adding moisture and hydration back into the burned skin.  In addition to applying aloe vera fairly quickly after burning your skin, it’s suggested by experts that you take some ibuprofen.  Since burning your skin in any way, especially with an iron, can cause inflammation in the skin taking some ibuprofen is a great way to minimize and avoid a lot of inflammation from occurring.  Plus, it’ll help ease any discomfort you may have from the burn.  Some experts suggest taking it a step further and also enlisting in using a hydrocortisone cream to help with inflammation – this one is up to you but it can help with inflammation as well.

The healing process
Once you’ve gotten the initial treatment out of the way with the burn it’s going to be important that you take a few key steps to the healing process.  The healing process is important because it can be the difference of getting a scar or not.  All the experts talk about keeping the burned area well moisturized.  Typically a burned area of skin is going to naturally be a bit drier in texture.  Applying a great moisturizing product is a great way to keep the skin well hydrated during the healing process.

Have you gotten an iron burn before?  What did you find helped with treating it?

Mallory Sills

2016 Fall Beauty Trends

women puttin lipstick

We hate to break it to you, but fall is on its way.  While we don’t necessarily want summer to end we do always love the beginning of new exciting trends.  Because with every new season comes new beauty and fashion trends for us to look forward to, learn about, and embrace how/if we want.  While we love new trends every season, we also love being able to incorporate WHAT trends we want into our own beauty routines and looks.  We’re sharing some of the popular beauty trends you can expect to see this fall, to give you some inspiration yourself!

Matte Red Lips
Red lips are typically looked at as more of a classic trend, but this season you can expect to see them EVERYWHERE even more so than normal.  The biggest difference in this fall’s beauty trend is that there’s a lot of matte red lip looks that were walking across the runways of fall fashion week, so expect there to be more matte than glossy red.  The past year or two there has been a major increase in popularity of matte lips, so we’re not all that surprised that it’s being incorporated into the typically classic red lip look.  The good news is there’s a red lip color for every woman, it’s just about finding the red shade that you like most in yourself.  Have fun with it!

Taylor Swift

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Low Polished Ponytails
It seems like topknots have been all the rage for a few years now, but this season there’s a little mixing up happening and we’re seeing more slicked back low ponytails than topknots.  The fall runway shows had different styles of low ponytails happening whether it was incorporating hair accessories or just keeping it simple, the great part of this trend is it’s super easy to do and gives you a gorgeous polished look that’s effortlessly chic.

Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles
Ok, before you start to think we’ve lost our minds hang with us.  We’ve all kind of knocked the sparkle makeup thing for the past few years and chalked it up to being ‘tacky’ but guess what?  It’s back and in full effect this fall season.  Just like any other trend, you have the freedom to try this trend however you want.  There was a lot of sparkly makeup on the runways for the fall season, naturally, on the runways, it was a more dramatic look but a lot of sparkle makeup happening.  One way to incorporate the sparkle trend in a wearable way is to add just a touch to your eyelid – just a little glam without overdoing it.  Find a way to incorporate sparkles that you love – there’s gotta be one way!

black eyeliner

Black Liner All the Way
Now as much as eyeliner is an always in kinda thing, black liner is EVERYWHERE this season.  With the major 90’s influx we’ve seen, expect to see some smudged liner to get a little grunge look into the mix.  But honestly, rock your black liner in your favorite way and you’re sure to be on trend!

What’s your favorite 2016 fall beauty trend?

Mallory Sills

The Last Warm Days of Summer

clear skin woman

As summer starts to wind down (don’t hate us cause we said it!), you’re probably starting to think about changing up your wardrobe and skincare routine.  But since summer isn’t quite over, and there’s still an opportunity for some warm days to give us a boost of sunshine and heat it’s important that you’re still maintaining some skincare habits.  It’s easy to let some habits slip as we enjoy the last warm days of summer, but we wanted to share some of our favorite tips for keeping your skin clear and burn free in 90-degree weather.

Don’t skip the SPF
Ok, we get it, you’ve spent the entire summer loading up on sunscreen and worrying about sun protection you’ve had enough.  While we get it adds additional steps to your getting ready process, don’t let it slip just because summer is winding down!  Even though the days are getting shorter, doesn’t mean the sun is any less intense during these 90 degree days.  You’re going to still need to make sure you’re practicing safe sun protection habits to keep your skin from burning.  This means covering your skin as much as possible, applying SPF as often and EVERYWHERE as possible, and trying to stay out of the sun as much as you can between 10 am and 4pm (when the sun is at its most intense).

Keep it light
Since the days are still pretty warm and you’re still (as always) wanting to keep your skin as clear as possible, stick to the lightweight skincare products.  Often times those that are more prone to breakouts do better with skincare products that aren’t too heavy.  This means opting for moisturizers that aren’t too heavy AND SPF products that aren’t too heavy.  Sometimes these skincare products can be heavy, so make it a point to look for lightweight formulas.  Aside from skincare products, keep your makeup application and products lightweight as well.  Not only will you feel better wearing lightweight makeup, but it just feels better in the summer months!

clear skin woman

Exfoliate that skin, lady!
Exfoliation is SO, SO important to keeping your skin on point especially as we wind down for the summer.  Your skin has likely been put through a little more stress than normal, so sticking to an exfoliation routine is going to be helpful to eliminating any dead skin cells and keeping your skin clearer.  Exfoliation is extra important to keeping your skin clear because it really gets a deep cleaning done on your skin, eliminating any dirt or grim that cleaners just aren’t able to get as well.

Since we are on the last warm days of summer, essentially you’re going to want to make it a point to keep things consistent.  Don’t let yourself slip into letting go of certain skincare habits or routines just because we’re about done with the summer weather.  Keep up the routine and you’re going to be able to keep your skin clear and burn free.

What’s your go-to skincare tips for keeping your skin clear and burn free?

Mallory Sills

Checklist For Healthy Skin

Beautiful women with healthy skin

Healthy skin is something that we can all agree is important, and we all want.  It may feel like it’s nearly impossible to have healthy skin if you’re not a celebrity – how do they just HAVE great skin?  Well honestly, they don’t just *have* gorgeous healthy skin…they have to take care of it just like the rest of us.  Knowing where to even start when it comes to having healthy skin can be a little overwhelming at times, with so many different suggestions around skincare now.  We came up with a checklist for healthy skin that EVERYONE can and should follow to get their skin on track.

Sun Protection Is Major KEY (as DJ Khaled would say)
Here’s the deal, we know you love being outside in the sun getting some vitamin D and enjoying the nice weather.  But the truth is the sun wreaks havoc on your skin – like crazy havoc.  Keeping your skin protected from the sun is essential to healthy skin.  The sun not only causes sun damage (obvi) but it also tends to dry your skin out and cause premature aging to take effect.  Cover your skin as much as possible, and make it a habit to apply sun protection as often as possible.  Remember that the sun is at its strongest between 10am and 2pm.

Check Yo’ Self
Now it’s not unlikely to have freckles and different spots on your skin, most of us do!  But it isn’t healthy when they change, the thing is it’s rare that we actually KNOW when they change.  Skin experts all suggest getting into the habit of doing skin checks on yourself on the regular – and we mean regular, it’s said once a month is ideal.  We get it, it sounds like a pain but if you don’t make it a habit of checking your skin and getting aware of all the spots and any changes that happen it’s rare you’ll actually know when changes do take place.

Get Into A routine
Ahhh routines, they’re not always easy to get into but they’re a necessary part of life (seriously) especially when it comes to your skin.  Getting into a morning and evening skin care routine is going to do wonders for you and keeping your skin healthy.  It’s really hard to keep your skin in check if you just sporadically have a routine – create one and stick with it.  Only change your routine and the products when it’s necessary.

Use The Right Products
With so many different skin care products and options available it’s easy to fall into a habit of changing them ALL the time, but you really shouldn’t need to.  Being conscious of the ingredients that are in the products you’re using is going to play a huge role in this.  Don’t just use something based on price or name alone, ingredients ARE important and so is the fact that a product is specifically formulated to work with your skin type.

While there are a ton of other things that go into having healthy skin, this is definitely a checklist to follow to get you on your way.  What do you do to keep your skin healthy?